Comoro Islands

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three main islands and numerous islets in the Indian Ocean between Mozambique and Madagascar

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Since independence, the Comoros Archipelago has implemented an evidence-based malaria control policy, with chloroquine being the main drug for malaria treatment and prophylaxis.
A doomed Yemeni Airbus 310-300 plunged into the ocean in bad weather off the Comoros archipelago last week where only one survivor u a young Franco-Comoran girl u out of 153 people on board was found.
The Yemenia Airways jet carrying 153 people plunged into deep water while attempting to land on the Comoros archipelago.
The plane plunged into the sea as it came in to land at Moroni, the capital of the formerly French-ruled Comoros archipelago, which comprises three islands off mainland east Africa and northwest of Madagascar.
Her mum was among the 152 passengers and crew presumed dead after the Yemenia Air 310 jet plunged into the sea as it tried to land in the Comoros archipelago.
London, June 30 (ANI): A Yemen Airways passenger plane with over 150 people on board crashed into waters close to the Comoros archipelago in the Indian Ocean on Tuesday.
Comoros archipelago is located in the Mozambique channel and comprises four distinct islands which are Grande Comore, Moheli, Anjuan, and Mayotte with a total population of some 57,6000 habitants.
And it has approved a retroactive deal confirming the rights of fishing boats from Spain, France, Italy and Portugal to tale tuna off the Indian Ocean coasts of the Comoros archipelago in 2004.
Past failures of malaria elimination in Zanzibar off the coast of mainland Tanzania; in Sri Lanka (1); or in Mayotte, a France-administered island of the Comoros archipelago (7), raise the question of the minimal geographic isolation level and the optimal size of intervention area required for malaria elimination success.
The girl, identified as Bakari Bahia, was pulled from the sea after the plane crashed on its way in to land at Moroni - the capital of the main island of the Comoros archipelago - under darkness on Tuesday morning.
Mayotte, a French territory, is located northwest of Madagascar, in the Comoros archipelago (Figure).