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a country on the Comoro Islands

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Historically, the Comoros Islands and Madagascar have been linked by human travel, and the importation of pathogens has already been documented, in the cholera epidemic of 1998-1999 (8) and in more recent outbreaks of arbovirus infection (9,10).
The total number of defendants on trial at the Federal Supreme Court are nine Emiratis, four from the Comoros islands off east Africa, and two Syrians.
Judeh, on his part, said trade exchange and economic cooperation between Jordan and the Comoros Islands is still low, adding that Jordan could provide the Comoros with expertise in the agricultural field and in training diplomats.
The Kuwaiti Ambassador asserted importance on Kuwait's keenness to enhance ties with Comoros Islands, describing such relations as "fruitful and exceptional," stressing as well on the country's willingness to provide all types of support to the friendly nation.
In the Comoros, Mayotte considers itself more a pan of France than the Comoros islands and has elected to become a French overseas territory similar to Reunion.
The session is attended by nearly 20 executives specialised in communication and physicians from 11 African countries: Benin, Burkina Faso, Burundi, Djibouti, Comoros Islands, Madagascar, Mali, Mauritania, Niger, Senegal and Tunisia.
Only 52 people survived when the Boeing 767 cartwheeled into the waves off Comoros Islands on Saturday, killing 123.
Nine were Emirati, two Syrian and four from the Comoros Islands.
Under the plan, announced by Mazen Al Jarrah, the interior ministry assistant undersecretary for nationality, passports and residency on Sunday, the bidoon will soon be given application forms that they will fill in to obtain the economic citizenship of the Comoros islands.
Her dad Kassim spoke to her by phone from the family home in France as she recovered in hospital on the Comoros islands in the Indian Ocean.
The epidemic was most noticeable in urban and semiurban areas of the Comoros Islands, where >5,000 cases have been reported.
The Samson, a 150-foot ferry, left the Comoros islands capital of Moroni on Saturday for a regular crossing to Madagascar.
France has charged Yemenia Airways with manslaughter over a 2009 crash off the Comoros islands in which 152 people were killed, sources said Wednesday.
The Comorian official also hailed the deep and excellent relations between the two countries, expressing gratitude for the "ongoing support" of Morocco for the Comoros Islands in the fields of health, education and training.
Al-Enaizi said the study could include opening four regional offices for the Union, one for the Arab Gulf region, second for Arab Maghreb region, third for Egypt, Syria, Lebanon and Yemen and fourth for Iraq, Somalia, Jordan and Comoros Islands.