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A 14-year-old girl was rescued from the Indian Ocean following the crash of Flight IY 626, which was en route from Sana'a, Yemen, to Moroni in the Comoro Islands, carrying 142 passengers and 11 crew members.
For cost saving or security reasons, the United States closed its embassies in Guinea-Bissau, Seychelles and Comoro Islands, while China pointedly maintained its embassies in all three countries.
Ahmadi-nejad's trip was a whirlwind 48-hour visit to three countries, with just a few hours spent in Djibouti, followed by an overnight stay in Kenya and the next night in the Comoro islands.
Derek Hill said he became fascinated with bacteria after being struck down with a blood poisoning illness - streptococcal septicemia - on the Comoro Islands, which lie between Madagascar and Mozambique.
An outbreak of chikungunya occurred in the Comoro Islands in early 2005; since then, the virus has circulated to other islands in the Indian Ocean.
The species is known from the Comoro Islands, northern Madagascar and Bazaruto and Inhaca Islands, Mozambique.
Eventually they introduced cuttings to their Indian Ocean colonies of Madagascar, and the Reunion and Comoro Islands as well as to Tahiti, but the otherwise hardy plants languished without the Mexican bee pollinators needed to transform flowers into seed pods.
When visiting the Comoro islands in 1591, Sir James Lancaster used a Portuguese interpreter and in 1602 the Frenchman, Martin, found 'plusieurs individus qui parlaient portugais'.
You can visit Mombasai, Zanzibar, the Comoro Islands, and Madagascar and enjoy a FREE safari.
A number of coelacanths were later found near the Comoro Islands and in waters around Indonesia in 1998.
Lemurs are primitive primates that live in trees and are found only on the island of Madagascar and the nearby Comoro Islands off the east coast of Africa.
2 broke surface around the Comoro Islands, in the Indian Ocean.
Abraham wrongly guessed the Comoro Islands and wrote his answer on a piece of paper.
According to Su, the latter represented Hormuz, not the Comoro Islands.