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a country on the Comoro Islands

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On July 6, 1975, however, the Comoran parliament passed a resolution declaring unilateral independence.
In addition, Comoran authorities lack the capacity to effectively implement and enforce the 2004 AML law, as the three islands in the Comoros retain a great deal of autonomy, particularly with respect to their security services, economies, and banking sectors.
The Comorans say they see the hard work and stress the Seabees endure every day and appreciate every moment of the work, which allows the deployed Americans and local people to create new relationships.
The Comorans are one of the friendliest people on the planet.
The airline said there were 75 Comoran passengers on board, along with 65 French nationals, one Palestinian and one Canadian.
Some Comorans staged a protest at Paris Charles de Gaulle airport yesterday delaying a Yemenia flight for 40 minutes to highlight what they called poor safety conditions on the planes.
The plane was coming in to land at Moroni, the Comoran capital, on the final leg of a trip from Paris and Marseille to Comoros via Yemen.
Comorans in Paris who have used the same flight attacked conditions on it.
In Marseille, home to 80,000 immigrant Comorans, honorary consul Stephane Salord said Yemenia's planes were "flying cattle trucks".
aircraft joined the hunt on Wednesday for possible survivors while in Paris expatriate Comorans tried to block another flight by the same airline.
The Betsileo, who account for 12% of the population, are farmers and artisans who live in Fianarantsoa; the rest are Tsimihety, Sakalava, and Antandroy, together with Comorans, French, and Indians.
Native Comorans use coelacanth scales as sandpaper to roughen bicycle inner tubes before applying a patch; otherwise, they consider the specimen useless.
I feel deep sadness for the Comorans," Fricke says.
Ethnic groups: 18 Malagasy tribes; small groups of Comorans, French, Indians, and Chinese.
The Comorans save up for several months in the year to go to Comoros with their families.