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the travel of a commuter

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Driver commuting from work - insurance policy excludes commuting.
cities to determine how long they spend commuting to and from the office and which cities have the most stressed-out commuters.
Researches examined the impacts of commuting to work on the wellbeing of more than 26,000 employees in England over a fiveyear period.
Unfortunately, commuting is often part of the job, especially for those living in bigger cities where inner-city housing can be expensive or in short supply," said Lee Biggins, founder and managing director of CV-Library.
Delivered by partner organizations across the Greater Toronto Hamilton Area, including the City of Toronto, the partners engage employers and property managers in promoting sustainable commuting to employees and building occupants through a variety of programs and services.
Other sectors with a high share of workers commuting from outside the city include finance and insurance (38 percent) and government (30 percent).
The Lloyds Bank commuter survey looks at differences in house prices between commuter towns and places of employment as well as costs and the time spent commuting when travelling using the national rail system.
Flintshire is the area in Wales where people are most likely to work outside the country, with more than 21,000 people commuting elsewhere for work, or about 30% of the local working population.
2% of those working there commuting in, 83,100 extra workers.
The research reveals exactly why commuting is such a contentment killer -- and surprisingly, traffic isn't the only reason to blame.
THE average worker spends 10,634 hours - or 14 months - of their life commuting, at a cost of PS50,000.
For a Londoner starting work at 18 and finishing at 65, the cost of commuting could reach as high as PS66,000, the poll by investing service Nutmeg.
Finally, use the money from the fines to rebuild city centers, and build the infrastructure needed to reduce commuting.
In [2] it was conjectured that if G and H are two non-abelian finite groups such that corresponding non-commuting graphs are isomorphic, then | That is why such graph theoretical properties of non commuting graph of a group G are very much important.
Committee on the Effects of Commuting on Pilot Fatigue et al.