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Rolling stock refurbishment firm, Commuter Transport Engineering (CTE), based in Cape Town has acquired Union Carriage & Wagon (UCW) from Murray & Roberts, South Africa, facilitating its move to expand its rail activities.
The BRT and other initiatives in the transport industry, including the provision of public transport as opposed to our current system of commuter transport which means up to 24-hour operations, can offer a significant entry point for the current taxi industry to become one of the most powerful players in our economy.
These trains will provide the Western Australian public with state-of-the-art commuter transport.
Labour's Alan Kelly: Public & Commuter Transport - Department of Transport, Tourism & Sport.
By planning commuter transport (door to door), on weekdays during the morning, afternoon and evening for about 103 (as of March 2014) employees, mostly residing in Echt-Susteren, Leudal, Maasgouw, Roerdalen and Roermond to carrier mainly, two locations in Roermond (and vice versa).
Such a strategy might focus on developing two or three main employment towns in the Heads of the Valleys, while improving commuter transport to them from other communities.
The Liverpool tramway system, just before the Second World War, gave a rapid commuter transport system and was a service of which the city could be proud.
It's commuter transport for the city's workers - who no longer bother to look up from their papers when Liberty drifts into view.
The Star Ferry between Kowloon and Central is commuter transport for millionsbut the short journey is dazzling, particularly at dusk when the skyscrapers put on an amazing light show.
1) The 17 merchant categories in No Signature Required include: Auto parking lots and garages, Bus lines, Car washes, Drug stores and pharmacies, Dry cleaners, Fast food restaurants, Laundries, Local commuter transport, Miscellaneous food stores, Motion picture theaters, News dealers and newsstands, Quick copy services, Restaurants, Service stations, Taxicabs and limousines, Tolls and bridges and Video rental stores (2) The 14 merchant categories included in the Small Ticket Payment Service include: Auto parking lots and garages, Fast food restaurants, Local commuter transport, Motion picture theatres, Restaurants, Taxis and limousines, Video rental stores, Bus lines, Car washes, Dry cleaners, Laundries, News dealers and newsstands, Quick copy services, Tolls and bridges.
Increasingly crowded commuter transport, pressure on company car parks and a desire to make more efficient use of office space, will all make this seem an attractive option, and for small firms teleworking is the most popular form of flexible working after part-time arrangements.
TRAVELWISE, the campaign to promote more environmentally friendly travel solutions on Merseyside, has been honoured at the annual Association of Commuter Transport conference in London.
The event, in Newcastle Civic Centre, has been organised by the Association of Commuter Transport, an organisation of employers who promote travel plans as a solution to congestion.
The company gushes: ``The purpose-built British taxi, manufactured by LTI in Coventry, is loved by the British public and by female passengers in particular because it is a safe, secure and an instantly recognisable form of licensed commuter transport.
While most of the vehicles to be tracked are utilized on and around campus, there are also commuter transport vehicles that travel beyond the university's metro area.