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annoying and potentially harmful environmental noise

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Association of long-term exposure to community noise and traffic-related air pollution with coronary heart disease mortality.
The data gathered will be shared publicly through the airport's noise website and the Heathrow Community Noise Forum--longer term, the London hub is also planning to use the system to provide real-time noise measurements to residents.
As municipalities continue to work on enacting new ordinances to regulate community noise, they should also look deeply into noise abatement factors.
This instrument is primarily designed for community noise surveys.
Other barriers include high altitude emissions, fuel efficiency and community noise around airports.
He said other barriers include high altitude emissions, fuel efficiency and community noise around airports.
Between 1987 and 1997, community noise levels in the United States were estimated to have increased by11% and were predicted to continue increasing at that rate or more (Staples, 1997).
Equipped with a larger, fourth-generation composite wing and a new advanced GE engine with Laminar Flow Nacelles, the aircraft will be a marked improvement in reducing community noise.
The World Health Organization (WHO) provides guidelines for hospitals in this respect in its Guidelines for Community Noise published in 1995 (4).
The assessment and management of adverse health risks associated with community noise levels are usually based on the comparison of measured or estimated sound levels with noise guidelines or standards.
The 787 also uses a number of new technologies to reduce community noise, making the noise footprint 60% smaller than similarly-sized airplanes," he said.
4 million pounds of CO2 in 2012 as well as less community noise and emissions.
India, June 22 -- In a workshop organized by the Aeronautical Society of India on "Aviation Environment - Community Noise and Solutions", Eurocopter introduced its two noise-oriented innovations, "Blue Pulse Controls" and "Blue Edge Blades", from its Bluecopter(R) Technology programme which was developed to provide advanced technological solutions to lower acoustics and emissions for the protection of the environment.
If an air handling unit or chiller is brand-new or hasn't been cleaned or serviced lately, it could be noisier than necessary and may create extra community noise.
They can also be used outdoors for environmental noise control for construction sites and community noise problems.
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