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annoying and potentially harmful environmental noise

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We used noise prediction software (Computer Aided Noise Abatement; Datakustik, Greifenberg, Germany) to estimate annual average community noise levels at each residence during the study period (Gan et al.
The 787 also uses a number of new technologies to reduce community noise, making the noise footprint 60% smaller than similarly-sized airplanes," he said.
4 million pounds of CO2 in 2012 as well as less community noise and emissions.
They can also be used outdoors for environmental noise control for construction sites and community noise problems.
The World Health Organisation has published Guidelines for Community Noise, which gives guideline 'The values for various environments and situations.
The improvements in physics-based noise prediction methods, high-resolution noise and flow measurement techniques, robust noise control and mitigation strategies, and novel low-noise aircraft concepts are essential to enable anticipated growth in air traffic worldwide while complying with increasingly restrictive controls on community noise levels.
14) World Health Organization, editors Birgitta Berglund, Thomas Lindvall, and Dietrich H Schwela, Guidelines for Community Noise (1999), available at http://www.
Standards, provisional standards, and related material are presented, both new and revised, including specifications, test methods, practices, guides, terminology, and classifications for subjects such as the application of acoustical materials and systems, community noise, mechanical and electrical system noise, open plan spaces, sound absorption and transmission, blanket and loose fill insulation, chemical and physical properties of insulation, finishes and moisture, reflective insulation, and thermal measurement.
Much of the following comes from the WHO Guideline on Community Noise and follows its format.
Community Noise, tomorrow, between 2pm and 10pm - ensemble music with a difference.
Those eligible are in an area exposed to community noise equivalency levels of 65 decibels or greater, according to a Federal Aviation Administration study completed in 1989.
We endorsed EPA's public education and information dissemination activities and its technical assistance programs to state and local community noise control agencies.
Benefits include the ability to fly shorter flight paths and idle-thrust descents which reduces fuel consumption, thereby lowering emissions and community noise levels.
Newark Liberty had its second Community Noise Roundtable meeting last week, following a kick-off meeting earlier this year.
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