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Synonyms for hygiene


Synonyms for hygiene

a condition promoting sanitary practices

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the science concerned with the prevention of illness and maintenance of health

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Importance of personal and community hygiene in controlling this disease was advocated to the affected families.
The day is organised by Community Hygiene Concern (CHC) which says bug busting proves four times more effective than neuro-toxic insecticide treatment in clinical trials.
The majority of those affected by trachoma live in underdeveloped parts of the world, as the disease correlates with poverty, lack of personal and community hygiene and limited access to healthcare and water (6,11).
Always focus on the underlying causes of water and sanitation-related deaths, like water availability, water quality, waste management and community hygiene education, to best protect at-risk populations from cholera and similar illnesses, he explained.
She hopes to raise awareness of the role of home and community hygiene in preventing infectious disease, promote understanding of how to clean people's homes more effectively and ensure this is based on scientific evidence.
He gives tips on personal, household, and community hygiene for preventing infections, weighs the benefits of nutritional supplements, and considers the role of sleep, stress, wardrobe, exercise, and weather in getting sick.
In various sectors, food products imported into the EU from Brazil have been shown not to be fully compliant with Community hygiene and consumer protection rules.
The Bug Buster kit, developed by the United Kingdom charity organization Community Hygiene Concern, includes a free-tooth comb and conditioner.
Bug Buster is produced and sold online by Community Hygiene Concern, a nonprofit group in London that helped Hill's team obtain a research grant from a fund controlled by the British government.
For more information, call the Community Hygiene Concern helpline on 020 7686 4321 or visit www.
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