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Synonyms for hygiene


Synonyms for hygiene

a condition promoting sanitary practices

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the science concerned with the prevention of illness and maintenance of health

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Community Hygiene Concern, a charity backed by the Department of Health runs a Bug Busting Programme aimed at primary schools and nurseries.
Project activities include: (1) establishing four new water points in four communities, benefitting 29,528 people and establishing four water committees; (2) constructing ten blocks of institutional latrines in two internally displaced persons settlements, benefitting over 5,000 people; (3) training 20 community hygiene promoters and conducting eight sanitation and hygiene trainings in four locations;(4) distributing relief items (hygiene kits) to 1,500 women and girls; and (5) providing supplemental feeding to 8,495 children under the age of five and 3,384 malnourished pregnant or lactating women.
And all these had been in the cause of various social issues such as cancer awareness and community hygiene.
said Peggy Keller, Chief of the Bureau of Community Hygiene and Animal Disease Prevention in the D.
In response to requests for help following yesterday's letter about the mother and daughter with nits, the telephone number for Community Hygiene Concern is: 020 8341 7167.
The Bakan Water, Sanitation and Hygiene project mobilises local community members who take part in a Community Hygiene Promotion Programme.
The need for this center, where home and community hygiene issues can be addressed in one place, is clear.
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