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a Protestant church that accepts the Bible as the only source of true Christian faith and practices baptism by immersion

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Paul Brown from Shepherd's Community Christian Church fulfills Heart of the Valley's requirement for an erudite Bible scholar.
To learn more about Community Christian Church, call 630-388-5000 or visit www.
The 40th anniversary of Community Christian Church of the Foothills will include an open house from 10-11:30 a.
Community Christian Church of Moorpark also collected about 20 boxes of clothing for Bosnian families.
Oakland, Olivet Richmond, Good Hope and Community Christian Church for
Star of Hope invites the community to a special Gospel, Jazz and Blues celebration at Community Christian Church on the Country Club Plaza, 4601 Main Street, Kansas City, Missouri.
In addition to teaching music and singing at her own studios and Campus Canyon, where she is also preparing a musical drama for the holidays, Lewis teaches music at Mountain Meadows elementary school and sings in the choir at her church, Community Christian Church in Moorpark.
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