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Synonyms for theory

Synonyms for theory

abstract reasoning

a belief used as the basis for action


something taken to be true without proof

Synonyms for theory

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Significantly, this is not, in terms of mainstream communitarianism, an argument for the restoration of traditional mono-cultural community with high levels of mechanical solidarity (Durkheim 1933, originally 1895) or Gemeinschaft (Toennies, 1963, originally 1887); or a repressive dominance of the majority or the patriarchal family.
It is a social policy agenda which provides the basis of a genuine moral communitarianism founded on notions of appropriate contributions to society (obligations and responsibilities), suitable fair rewards (rights), and consensual interdependency with others we all recognise, identify and respect as fellow citizens and social partners, not as people of no consequence to be ignored, avoided and identified as potential legitimate crime targets.
By returning to old Grecian, Stoic and Kantian tradition they call for a normative meaning of an (inclusive) cosmopolitan ethics which could in a modern globalized world replace the anachronistic (and exclusive) ethics of communitarianism.
Yet Rao is as critical of unrestrained forms of communitarianism and pluralism, which, he reminds us, has allowed some leaders in developing countries--such as Idi Amin in Uganda--to slaughter his citizens without suffering reprobation from fellow leaders.
Communitarianism, on the other hand, takes a more organic view, regarding the community as more than the sum of the individuals in it and requiring explicit definition of its needs and priorities.
A utilitarian approach (an example of Western thought) defines good actions as those that maximise the common good of all individuals, whereas in communitarianism, good actions are those that create a good community.
By contrast, communitarianism enjoys much less name recognition, much less popularity, and therefore much less organized opposition.
Were I to judge by his book alone, communitarianism appears to mean support for everything that government planners would like to do, provided only that a democratic majority believes such policies constitute the common good.
The text draws on the many books published on media ethics and summarizes in a few articles the major concepts of libertarianism, utilitarianism, categorical imperative, communitarianism, etc.
Richard Shields explores the sacramental dimensions of religious education, describing the current context of tensions between individualism and communitarianism and in moral authority and rituals.
3 Yet Another Third Way: "The hacker/open source/digital culture implies a third way: less about competition or coerced communitarianism, more about enthusiastic, voluntary collaboration.
He argued that, through the most recent elections, the country hasn't moved to the left, rather it has moved forward, toward a new environment of "dueling communitarianism.
In support of gender equity in school leadership, the theoretical framework of the study is grounded upon three concepts; communitarianism, Deweyan democracy, and standpoint feminism.
But questions remain about quite how the communitarianism and the religiosity are supposed to combine.
In contrast, communitarianism and perfectionism seem less hesitant "to adapt the institutions of the criminal law to some purpose other than the straightforward sanctioning of wrongful deeds" [176]; that is, their adherents are tempted to go beyond indisputable violations of the law and consider that interferences with vested interests are liable to punishment.
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