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Synonyms for theory

Synonyms for theory

abstract reasoning

a belief used as the basis for action


something taken to be true without proof

Synonyms for theory

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It is becoming especially important, considering the fact that 'the Golden Age' of communitarianism was in the pre-modern period.
A polarization based on Sunni versus Alevi, Turkish versus Kurdish, Islamist versus secularist, pro-AKP versus pro-GE-len identities fuels tribalism and communitarianism.
Wilson, Dwight () "Latin America's Multicultural Movements: The Struggle Between Communitarianism, Autonomy, and Human Rights by Todd A.
vii-x, 273-96, and Catholicism, Liberalism, and Communitarianism, ed.
Communitarianism lends itself to the standpoint that justice only relates to the people who are a part of our community, because a condition of justice is an identification relationship between members of the same community.
This is where Lee's rugged communitarianism is especially vital to his cause.
One between Pakistan's largest conservative political force and the country's fastest growing political party, between fiscal conservation and communitarianism, between a political heavyweight called Nawaz Sharif and a charismatic character by the name of Imran Khan.
I don't see how with this rather bleak perspective, his benevolent communitarianism can hope for an intellectual shift "of a Copernican magnitude" (p.
Robert Kennedy emphasizes the personalism and communitarianism of the encyclical, from which follow the principles of development as a vocation, gratuitousness, and the "logic of gift," with important implications for the conduct of business.
The central problem with liberal communitarianism is that it has little to say about how those interests may be challenged.
They argue that citizens united through their "cosmopolitan communitarianism," are aware of their existence in a wider social milieu and show a commitment to the shared social and political values (i.
Part 5, "Critiques of Liberalism," carries the attacks on bourgeois society and capitalism far beyond the progressives into the wastelands of nihilism, Stalinism, and Catholic communitarianism.
Two chapters in part 1, "Christ and Society," introduce an idealist understanding of society, the West, and a universalist defense of the liberal state in the tradition of Bernard Bosanquet's truth-based communitarianism that part 3, "Christ and the State," brings beyond Michael Walzer's view.
His second concept of communitarianism denounces individualism for undermining the development of dialogue to generate a consensus on controversial issues.
Haas claims that Obama's formative years in Hawaii are essential to understanding his unique approach to government, an approach that is cooperative rather than conflictual, that stresses communitarianism rather than hyperindividualism.
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