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a form of socialism that abolishes private ownership

a political theory favoring collectivism in a classless society

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always remaining the most venomous enemy of the communists and of the revolutionary movement in general.
That was not because Matthews was a communist, as conservatives suspected and J.
The Communist Party tightly controls political power and religious expression.
Though the objective, of course, was never achieved, this was the first serious attempt by the communists to address the endemic racial discrimination in the United States and link it specifically to the capitalist system (22)
Fifty years ago, filmgoers were confronted with precisely this question: were their beliefs really being influenced, subverted and reshaped at their local cinema by the communist beliefs of some of Hollywood's most powerful movie-makers?
Contrariwise, Humanists reject the utopian, statist, and authoritarian social control of communist societies as much as they reject the radical individualism of laissez faire capitalism and Social Darwinism (finding it inherently sociopathic).
According to Elbaum, the New Communist Movement (NCM) emerged during an unprecedented period of social ferment.
We (Vietnamese-Americans) are all against the communists,'' says Tran, ``while Mr.
In a book that is by Regnery standards pretty gloat-lite, Charen dredges up many examples of liberals who bent over backward to say good things--often transparently stupid good things--about communist regimes.
5) However, I would argue that a fuller consideration of the first part of Wright's plan--to "tell Communists how common people felt" -- is appropriate to help us better understand Lawd Today
Numbering 70 divisions, the communists were determined to isolate South Korea's capital of Seoul with a double-flanking movement, and launched four Chinese communist army groups against the 75-mile front between the Hwachon Reservoir and Munsan.
The Arabs made alliances with the Israeli Communist Party because of the support the communists gave to their demands for equality.
President Clinton didn't visit Hanoi last November to hobnob with communists.
The UBC has taken a leading role in opposing the Communists.
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