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a form of socialism that abolishes private ownership

a political theory favoring collectivism in a classless society

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These small human gems explain better than historical studies how people preserved their most basic values in the seemingly eternal communist times and silently prepared themselves for the future.
East Berlin's railway stations and connections eastward to Poland, 50 miles away, and south toward Prague have been smartened up since Communist times.
During Soviet Communist times, Bulgaria was the Silicon Valley of the Soviet Bloc," he said.
The series, presenting cases solved by the fictional criminologist Jan Zeman, was hugely popular in communist times.
Food shortages are imminent as Russia faces its gravest crisis since Communist times
According to the Bulgarian right-wing politicians, "the latest repression just deepens the abyss between the democratic standards of life, of humane and tolerant rule, and the Russian phenomenon resembling more and more a cult towards the Chief since Communist times.
The Soviet Union collapsed in 1991, but Russia had not previously held any major, formal ceremonies dealing with the abuses committed during communist times.
In Communist times as many as 60 people worked in the village pig farm.
Russia, which in Communist times gladly dealt with the cartel run by capitalists from pariah apartheid South Africa, is the world's biggest gem producer after De Beers.
Note: Unconfirmed rumors suggest that Hadji may have collaborated with the State Security during communist times.
In his words, Bulgaria could use the good relations it built with these countries during communist times.
A lot of people here have a romanticized view of communist times and we need to show the unvarnished truth.
Actavis Group, which is headquartered in Iceland, took over the biggest Bulgarian pharmaceutical company from communist times "Balkanpharma.
The Bulgarian police have this hangover from communist times that leads them to believe that if they reveal more information about their activities, they will be less trusted by the public," she told Deutsche Welle.