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a form of socialism that abolishes private ownership

a political theory favoring collectivism in a classless society

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READING about the development of Communist theory written by an American in 1940 will be dismissed by many as a waste of time.
Instead, through his contact with Chicago School sociology and Communist theory about the Black Belt Nation, Wright came to appreciate, intellectually and radically, the deep costs of migration for the blacks from the rural South--just as Hurston had through her anthropological studies.
See, for example, Marc Jaryc, Press and Publishing in the USSR (London, 1935); Eugene Lyons, Assignment in Utopia (New York, 1937); Alex Inkeles, Public Opinion in Soviet Russia (Cambridge, MA, 1950), 135-222 and passim; Wilbur Schramm, "The Soviet Communist Theory of the Press," in Frederick Siebert, ed.
was led by urban middle class centrists who utilized the rhetoric of radical communist theory in defining goals but implemented policies that allowed them to participate successfully in India's democratic electoral system.
This office is utopian in a sense Fourier might have recognized as well, an oddly capitalist implementation of a communist theory of work: on the one hand, employees become self-organizing, ad hoc teams, still with a job to do but able to decide for themselves how, when, and where to do it; on the other hand, Jay Chiat insists that the new workspace is a failed experiment if it doesn't increase productivity.
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