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Interested in what happens when a communist society lets loose a bit of free enterprise and curious about what role, if any, the U.
The country suffers from a lack of knowledge on how to redo the old Communist society and economy where everything was centralized, into a new, western-style democratic, market-driven one.
In hindsight, what lessons have you learned in terms of absorbing a communist society and trying to "Westernize" it?
They couldn't justify it in terms of the Communist Society.
By the time she was seven years-old she was composing songs, giving her a creative outlet at a young age, as a way to overcome the communist society she was living in.
The authors describe how simple peasants or people with little education, treated as mere tools or accessories in the grand project of building a Communist society, have turned into opponents of the regime, the fiercest since the means and instruments of repression evolved.
They demand land and jobs for the poor, and want to establish a communist society by toppling what they call India's "semi-colonial, semi-feudal" form of rule.
Consequently, it is tempting to see Moscow Conceptualism, this debris of Communist society, as a means of envisioning the horizon of possible shifts.
Similarly, one of the major doctrines in Marx-based scholarship on law relates to the claim by Engels that law will simply 'wither away' with the founding of a communist society.
I would suggest also that we are not working in a democratic society, we're working in a communist society.
we say: morality is what serves to destroy the old exploiting society and to unite all the toilers around the proletariat, which is creating a new communist society .
From the point of view of the majority of people who lived under the Soviet systems of Eastern Europe, they were probably more about threats, intimidation, bullying, violence, maiming, murder, and other Mob forms of persuasion than they were about building a perfect Communist society.
Reading the English, one would scarcely believe that Ma Van Khang has lived in a communist society for nearly his entire life; it is only when reading the Vietnamese that we discover the translators have expunged many communist references, including a lengthy quotation from "the great Ho Chi Minh" in which "He" ties together Confucius, Jesus, Karl Marx, and Sun Yat-sen.
Under its platform, the ultimate goal of the Korean Workers' Party is to spread the "juche" principle, or self-reliance ideology, and promote the building of a communist society.
And the trajectory of the other major communist society, China, seemed until the death of Mao Zedong to be utterly distinct and confounding.
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