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a form of socialism that abolishes private ownership

a political theory favoring collectivism in a classless society

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These topics led him to explore communist ideology as a tool to resolve the social and economic imbalances of his time.
For Novikoff, Communist ideology offered prospective solutions to what seemed an unjust power structure.
Biess continually, and with remarkable deftness, connects the specific findings of his own research to existing literature and European-wide trends, as when he concludes his examination of GDR regulations for issuing death certificates for missing soldiers by fitting it with Nina Tumarkin's argument that communist ideology tended to privilege the task of building socialism over mourning dead individuals (186).
He finds it valuable but that is different from believing in the communist ideology.
Clearly, there is a world of difference between the Cold War strategy of containing post-WWII Communist ideology and the present concern to check the radical principles that help create contemporary terrorist cells.
JofA: China's new market economy does not seem to square with its communist ideology.
In a sense, the new textbooks do not so much rewrite history as diminish it: Having largely abandoned its own Communist ideology, China's one-party state prefers people to think more about the future than the past.
When Mao and the Communists were looking for a way to provide health care to the large population of China, they decided to bring back Chinese medicine in a systematic way that would be efficient to teach to many new practitioners and that would support the philosophy of cultural materialism on which communist ideology is based.
The--well-justified--American concern should have been with Russian power, not with Communist ideology.
Minister in the Ministry of Trade in Trinidad, Diane Seukeran, said the idea that Cuba is a security threat to the region because of its communist ideology, as being sometimes touted by the United States, is no reason for Trinidad & Tobago not to increase trade with Cuba.
Confronted by charges of subversion, they typically cast themselves as saints victimised by the "evil" HUAC, thereby allowing the ongoing inculcation of Communist ideology into popular Western culture unopposed.
Applying a sociological concept of an "ideology of moral order" for his analysis, Glanzer concentrates on interaction of the education officials, the CoMission leaders, and the leaders of the Russian Orthodox Church--three major actors in the struggle to replace the communist ideology of moral order "with another moral vision grounded in a particular worldview.
This is why those in the thrall of a communist ideology have at times practiced gross incompetence and outrageous atrocity--leading Humanists to regard communists as quasi-religious in their commitment.
During the Cold War, Swimme pointed out, we decried the Soviet tactic of indoctrinating children into communist ideology through such methods as the Pioneer movement.
Perhaps they laid the ground for the post-war years when satirical cabaret sprang up once more in East Berlin and Poland, sneering at the heavy hand of Communist ideology.