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a form of socialism that abolishes private ownership

a political theory favoring collectivism in a classless society

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It is an activity intended to cleanse the minds of our brothers and sisters who were victims of the communist ideology.
Under the influence of the communist ideology, traditional values of these countries were undermined, and a new system of values was introduced, based on the teachings of Marxism and Leninism.
The group is fascinated with the contemporary maladies of a nation caught in the prism between communist ideology and neoliberal desire.
Foreign policy based on communist ideology may have been the position of the Politburo and the Comintern in the 1920s, but in no way did this apply to the NKID, which made "calculations based on realpolitik, according to Machiavelli, not Marx" (309).
Johnson focuses on the fact that the ANC had always gravitated towards the Soviet communist ideology and the party believed that this would not only wrest liberation from the apartheid state but also inform the way the country could, and would, be governed.
There were a few avowed communists around, there were even communist cells, but at no time did an effective conspiracy take shape to contaminate Hollywood films with communist ideology.
Like Hari -- and many other men and women of that time -- the author too was lured by the communist ideology during his youth.
I READ the letter from Kenneth R Jarrett headlined 'Socially divisive Conservatives' and as usual it followed his normal communist ideology with both UKIP and the Conservatives coming in for criticism and as always only glowing praise for the Labour Party.
I found the ways in which each of these characters find particular meaning in either the Communist ideology or the philosophy of Karl Marx to be a vital part of understanding the shifting ties that bind them.
As shown in chapter seven "Independence Day as Symbol of Protest," the organizers of secret commemorations were punished cruelly by the regime, yet, after 1956, the ruling communists realized that they needed some new methods to maintain popular support and so they supplemented communist ideology with growing national motifs.
Yet the Communist ideology OBLIGED the believers to launch a civil war rather than surrender power peacefully.
Professor Wang's current volume provides a fascinating look at the efficacy of the propaganda machine of the Chinese Communist Party as Jiang Zemin and his successors worked to reestablish legitimacy of the CCP following the collapse of its Communist ideology in the aftermath of the Cultural Revolution.
From the repression of Tibet, the deaths of millions in the "Great Leap Forward,'' the slaughter at Tiananmen Square in 1989, ongoing harrassment and imprisonment of dissidents, and its maltreatment of Uighur Muslims in its western provinces, modern China has repeatedly shown it is simply not ready or able to shed the authoritarian shackles of its failed communist ideology.
This was mainly due to their Communist ideology, which Muslims worldwide abhorred and opposed tooth and nail.
Pakistan's relations with the Soviet Union were filled with vicissitude, suspicion and distrust due to harsh history and the toughness present in the international political system which forced Pakistan to choose for the Western side to fight Communism (with a different domestic strand like the atheism in communist ideology etc.