Communist China

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a communist nation that covers a vast territory in eastern Asia

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WHY: Tens of thousands of American jobs are being destroyed as a result of communist China not playing by the rules.
Webster and Zwierzchowski reveal Canadian Catholics to be wary of communist regimes as they established more ambivalent relations with government-sanctioned Christians in Communist China than did their Canadian Protestant counterparts with whom Catholics collaborated in the Canada China Programme.
Taiwan, which away from Communist China broke in 1949, considers itself a independent nation, but the government in Beijing still considers it part of China.
Soviet explosion of an atomic weapon in 1949, retreat of the Chinese Nationalists to Taiwan, and the position of Communist China in this "new world" required urgent new analysis of Korea's delicate problems and the need to preserve U.
Post Communist China is becoming increasingly brand conscious and a number of local manufacturers of consumer products are resorting to western strategies to take on global brand owners.
While trade prohibitions against communist China were lifted in the 1970s, the United States continues its 42-year embargo forbidding ordinary commerce with Cuba.
The performance marked the first time a Western musical had been staged in communist China, but it was hard to predict how the ideals of the French Revolution - liberty and equality - would be perceived by the people and the authorities.
Robertson has entered into a partnership with brutal Liberian dictator Charles Taylor to run a gold-mining operation in that war-torn African nation, hopes to become the main Internet provider in communist China and is trying to open an oil refinery in a poor neighborhood near Los Angeles.
The pro-government press bristles with anti-Americanism while the country's leadership cozies up to communist China, Cuba, and the pariah state of North Korea.
The congressional report disclosed that communist China "has benefited from advanced U.
Though the 12-day visit was not meant to evaluate the state of religious freedom in communist China, delegation members also inquired about the new religious regulations promulgated by the state, which came into force March 1.
But Communist China and Nationalist China are insisting on the idea that there is only one China,'' Ohira said.
But Communist China is planning to take advantage of capitalism to show it can run Britain's transport systems.
Thus in early November, 1963, editors of the Times and their star reporter in Washington saw the Vietnam War as a struggle of monumental significance for the larger contest between Communist China and the West.