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Synonyms for Communist

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a member of the communist party

a socialist who advocates communism

relating to or marked by communism


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In this interview, Jan Pesek answers the questions:br- What was the real support for Communists in Czechoslovakia in 1948?
The whole Vietnam War, which killed 55,000 American soldiers and about 3 million Vietnamese, was founded on the delusion that there was a monolithic Communist bloc that threatened "freedom" all over the world.
After being branded as 'bully' by the communists, Duterte said it was his job to bully those who destroy the government.
The chairman of the Central Committee of the Communist PartyAaAaAeAeAaAeAeA of Russian Federation issued a (http://cprf.
We believe that it is absolutely unacceptable 23 years after the fall of Communism and seven years after Bulgaria became a NATO member, to have the President designate as one of his top advisors a man who was holding senior Communist posts and was responsible for carrying out the Communist party policies in the Bulgarian army," the letter of the anti-mafia union states.
Particularly interesting from a historian's perspective is Whyte's discussion of his underground organizing activities while the Communist Party was illegal.
The challenge for the Yiddish-speaking communists was to demonstrate not only that the Communist Party was better than the Socialist Party or other political movements on the Jewish street, but also that it was better for the Jews qua Jews.
Comparative Perspectives on Communist Successor Parties in Central-Eastern Europe and Eurasia", in Communist and Post-Communist Studies, 41 (4), 2008, pp.
That was not because Matthews was a communist, as conservatives suspected and J.
military advisers in Vietnam had risen from under 700 to roughly 16,000, and fighting between South Vietnamese and North Vietnamese troops, aided by Communist guerrillas in the South known as the Vietcong, had intensified.
At one time, all Chinese wore drab suits patterned after the one worn by Communist leader Mao Zedong (mow zeh-dawng).
Meanwhile, in Romania, another European nation subject to communist rule after the Second World War, President Traian Basescu said he would support the opening of secret police files on his country's Orthodox clergy.
There remains considerable question as to whether the organization was founded by the Communist (Workers') Party, but whether or not it was, it soon became affiliated with the group.
Fifty years ago, filmgoers were confronted with precisely this question: were their beliefs really being influenced, subverted and reshaped at their local cinema by the communist beliefs of some of Hollywood's most powerful movie-makers?
China's economic opening is an almost manic event, a source of overwhelming pride and exhilaration for a nation that spent nearly half a century enduring political purges and communist indoctrination, a brutal period that left millions dead and many millions more scarred personally and economically.