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By combining the PacketHop Communications System with the VARs' unique market expertise and service delivery capabilities, we will deliver the industry's most robust system - enhancing end users' capabilities and exceeding their needs.
The Lakewood Police Department demonstrates on a daily basis that the PacketHop Communications System provides first responders with the most effective, reliable and secure communications," said Michael Howse, president and chief executive officer of PacketHop.
Cisco's Unified Communications system enables businesses to leverage their Cisco networks as a platform to provide the quadruple play -- voice, video, data and mobility services -- through a superior user experience," said Don Proctor, senior vice president of Cisco's Voice Technology Group.
Where a record of communications is not required, VaporStream stream messaging provides organizations with a unique recordless communications system that has the potential to reduce the number of e-mails currently being sent and stored daily in the corporate e-mail system.
Warner Pacific Insurance Services, an insurance company with approximately 100 employees, including 35 tele-workers, is another Cisco customer that has added additional components to its existing Cisco Unified Communications system to increase business agility by helping employees communicate more efficiently and providing faster service to customers.
ATSI demanded the most reliable and flexible IP communications system available," said Todd Landry, Sr.
The Sphere Business Communications System has hundreds of advanced features that businesses expect but often find missing in other IP PBX solutions," added Todd Landry, Senior Vice President, Sphere Communications Inc.
The Cisco Unified Communications system is a new suite of voice, data and video products and applications specifically designed to help organizations of all sizes to communicate more effectively.
The Cisco Unified Communications system is based on Cisco's industry-leading IP Communications portfolio including Cisco CallManager, Cisco Unity, Cisco MeetingPlace and Cisco IP Contact Center and now includes additional innovative products, applications, features and capabilities.
These awards reinforce L-3 Henschel's position as a leading supplier of quality communications systems to the U.
Six weeks after Hurricane Katrina struck New Orleans, destroying infrastructure-based communications systems that police officers, fire fighters and other first responders relied on to communicate and share information, 100 percent of respondents in a survey of police officers said first responders would benefit from the use of infrastructure-less wireless communications systems.
After learning that an umpire had been "kidnapped by an upset spectator," attendees split into five teams and instantly created an autonomous mobile mesh network using the PacketHop Communications System running on 802.
Shipments of converged communications system IP stations are forecast to increase at an average annual growth rate of almost 19 percent between 2004 (3.
has selected Datalink to implement an internal Storage Area Network (SAN) at the BROCADE Communications Systems headquarters in San Jose, CA.
Police, fire and other public safety agencies are investing in new technologies that will strengthen their communications systems," said Jeff Vining, vice president of Gartner Research.
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