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The PSLV-C17 (Polar Satellite Launch Vehicle) vehicle and GSAT-12 Communication Satellite are at Sriharikota.
Bird (n) A communication satellite in geosynchronous orbit.
Mohammed said this at the weekend, at a lecture on Communication Satellite in Commemoration of the Launch of the first Communication Satellite in Nigeria arranged by NASRDA in Abuja.
1 Military communication satellite segment is expected to constitute the largest market share
That would place the APT satellite between communication satellites operated by Rimsat at 130E (Rimsat 1) and a Japanese satellite (NTT-CS) at 132E.
The PDR demonstrated that the Advanced EHF design meets or exceeds the customer's requirements for the next-generation highly secure military satellite system, which will employ the world's most complex and sophisticated communication satellites.
Air Force has awarded Boeing (NYSE: BA) a full mission success incentive award of $800,000 for the Inertial Upper Stage (IUS) booster rocket's accuracy in delivering a NASA communication satellite to its precise target orbit 22,300 miles above Earth.
Beyond Milstar, Boeing Satellite Systems joined with Lockheed Martin and TRW in May 2000 to form the Advanced Extremely High Frequency (Advanced EHF) National Team to build the follow-on to the DoD's Milstar highly secure communication satellite program.
28 /PRNewswire/ -- As Boeing Defense & Space Group prepares for the upcoming launch of a NASA communication satellite by the Inertial Upper Stage (IUS) booster rocket, the Boeing IUS team also is preparing to celebrate a decade of successful service to the U.
The Advanced EHF Program is the follow-on to the DoD's Milstar highly secure communication satellite program, which currently has two Milstar I spacecraft in orbit.
was recently awarded a $700,000 contract from the Space and Naval Warfare Systems Command, to perform a concept study for the Navy's next generation communication satellite system.
BUSINESS WIRE)--April 30, 1998--Aeroflex Incorporated (NYSE Symbol:ARX), announced today that its subsidiary, Aeroflex Lintek, has been awarded a contract valued at approximately $10 million from Hughes Space and Communications for next generation communication satellite test equipment.
ISRO has embarked on hiving off production of communication satellites and polar satellite launch vehicles (PSLV) to the industry.
The project with the name SATCOMBw Stufe 2 comprises the delivery of two military communication satellites, several fixed and transportable ground stations of various sizes as well as a bundle of communication services.
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