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Synonyms for communication

Synonyms for communication

the exchange of ideas by writing, speech, or signals

something communicated, as information


a situation allowing exchange of ideas or messages

Synonyms for communication

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In traditional communication models, feedback occurs after a message is received.
With lightning speed, messaging and issues can take on a life of their own in the new blogger influenced digital communication model.
For a satellite communications company like ATCi, turning our focus toward more cost-effective communication models was a natural direction for export growth, especially in Latin America," said Gunnar Light, ATCi's Managing Director of Sales.
The authors discuss these trends and the challenges they present to old communication models in their provocative first chapter.
Two-thirds also believed that management preferred one of the other communication models.
One of the most common communication models in vogue today is diagrammed as a loop -- upward, downward and through the organization.
The two-way communication models are outlined in the study's first volume, "Excellence in Public Relations and Communication Management," which debuted at the conference, and is available for purchase from the Foundation.
We don't reflect upon communication models when we plan a communication program, we just plan.
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