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an interconnecting circuit between two or more locations for the purpose of transmitting and receiving data

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In addition to the Direct Communication Link, the Detrick Earth Station provides communications links with the Russian Federation in support of the State Department's Nuclear Risk Reduction Center, the U.
One of the major costs of any mirroring solution is the ongoing monthly fee for maintaining a communication link between data centers.
He likens one of his proposed communication links to a ski lift-on a quantum scale.
C/DWDM is well suited for natively (no protocol conversion) extending Storage Area Networks (SANs) in cases when multiple communication links or channels are required.
The Communication Link Company (TCL) is introducing its people- centered model for changing organizations.
The subject of this contract is to undertake activities according to project documentation Restoring communication link over Radovesice dump - Communication BE[degrees]lina - Kostomlaty compiled by mining projects Teplice as, KollEirova 11, 415 36 Teplice, December 2012.
As part of its expanded relationship with AT&T EasyLink Services, GO will provide PenPoint users with a free communication link to AT&T Mail.
The communication link not only proved less costly than other methods considered, but our users can now utilize Ethernet-speed links to bridge their local area networks.
35 or RS530 physical interfaces to connect to the SS7 Telecommunication equipment's communication link.
The IPTube--SS7--MON is available with T1 or E1 physical interfaces to connect to the SS7 Telecommunication equipment's communication link.
Participants gain situational awareness by exchanging digital data over a common communication link that is continuously and automatically updated in real time, reducing the chance of fratricide, duplicate assignments or missed targets.
VP Business Development at Advantech Wireless, Cristi Damian, said, "Tropo applications have certain advantages for strategic communication links, either for Military users, or for remote access in isolated areas with no satellite access.
The account is intended for graduate students, practicing engineers, and designers concerned with the operation and service of optical communication links.
The new system provides a single interoperable terminal with reliable, redundant, and secure radio and MIL-STAR satellite communication links to Minuteman III intercontinental ballistic missile forces.
It is a lockable personal mobile office with power and communication links.
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