Commonwealth of Nations

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an association of nations consisting of the United Kingdom and several former British colonies that are now sovereign states but still pay allegiance to the British Crown

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So many can trace their origins to the likes of India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Nigeria, Uganda, Jamaica - this Commonwealth of nations.
Our foreign policy must also be balanced by developing positive relationships with our neighbours, including Russia, and with the very experienced British Commonwealth of Nations.
Although Queen Elizabeth II is only the titular or nominal head of state of these countries, constituting 30 percent of the fifty-three member states of the Commonwealth of Nations, of which she is also the titular or nominal head, the position of head of state evokes a yet to be completely historicized colonial memory and an importunate present colonial reality.
For the genius of Islamic art lies in the fact that it emerged in a trans-cultural, trans-racial and trans-geographical commonwealth of nations that encompassed peoples all the way from India to Spain.
The medal, which will be awarded to members of the Canadian Forces or allied armed forces for extreme bravery, pays tribute to the original British Victoria Cross, which was awarded to members of armed forces in the Commonwealth of Nations.
The founder of Baha'ism, Baha'u'llah, embraced the creation of a world commonwealth of nations as a central tenet of the faith.
With its self-confidence reborn since the restoration of the Scottish Parliament, our ambitious, forward-looking nation is ready to play its part in renewing our Commonwealth of nations.
Among the international repercussions, he said, Fiji is likely to be suspended from the Commonwealth of Nations and disqualified from participating in U.
Both English and French are official languages in Canada, a country that also belongs to the Commonwealth of Nations, the Organization of American States, the international organization of French-speaking states and other international bodies.
Today, many former British colonies belong to the Commonwealth of Nations, which includes about 50 independent countries that once lived under British rule.
THE coronation of Elizabeth II heralds a new era of the Commonwealth of Nations, in the concluding episode, narrated by Art Malik.
During February, Zimbabwe was dropped from the Commonwealth of Nations and the EU announced that it had cancelled US$110 million in aid as well.
The memo notes that `the Commonwealth of nations is lagging behind current international efforts to acknowledge and protect the rights of Indigenous communities' but that `there are cases of good practice among the fifty-four states which give much scope for active precedent'.
In terms of the Commonwealth of Nations, the developing countries are likely to be the most severely affected by climate change, while the developed members are expected to suffer less.
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