Commonwealth of Nations

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an association of nations consisting of the United Kingdom and several former British colonies that are now sovereign states but still pay allegiance to the British Crown

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4) Zelman Cowen, The British Commonwealth of Nations in a Changing World: Law, Politics, & Prospects (Northwestern University Press, 1965).
In 1949, the British Commonwealth was replaced by the Commonwealth of Nations with the adoption of the London Declaration, in which members were no longer required to have the British Monarch as sovereign, but could have their own head of state and were required to only recognise the British Monarch as Head of the Commonwealth.
The Commonwealth Games is an international, multi-sport event involving athletes from the Commonwealth of Nations.
Australia is a member of the G20, OECD, WTO, APEC, UN, Commonwealth of Nations, ANZUS, and the Pacific Islands Forum.
The Bahamas gained full independence within the Commonwealth of Nations.
India's role in the British commonwealth of Nations has been really instrumental.
Senator Raynelle Andreychuk made the keynote address and spoke generally about the Commonwealth of Nations, its history and the diversity of membership among the nations.
Sixty Commonwealth Jubilee Scholarships are being offered to Commonwealth students by St George's University on the Caribbean island of Grenada, representing one for each of Queen Elizabeth II's 60 years as Head of the Commonwealth of Nations.
New Zealand and Singapore, as members of the British Commonwealth of Nations maintained important economic and political ties with the United Kingdom and with other Commonwealth nations as well.
The George Cross is the highest civil decoration of the United Kingdom, and also holds, or has held, that status in many of the other countries of the Commonwealth of Nations.
It is a parliamentary republic and is a member of the Southern African Development Community, the Common Market for Eastern and Southern Africa, the African Union, La Francophonie and the Commonwealth of Nations.
Australia, member of the Commonwealth of Nations, has gradually shed symbolic homage and perfunctory reports to the British crown, notes Peter Hartcher of the Sydney Morning Herald.
He should also acknowledge Britain's role as head of a Commonwealth of nations when forming his immigration policy.
Gordon Alan Park of Holme sent me the letter that arrived at his house from the Euromillions Commonwealth of Nations Online Lottery.
Despite these concerns, all members nations of the Commonwealth of Nations participated in the event.
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