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MPs urged Ministers to act after claims that the former Commonwealth Development Corporation 'dumped' important agricultural investments in favour of more profitable ventures, such as shopping malls and mobile phones.
Equity came from NGC, Commonwealth Development Corporation, Asian Development Bank, Hazara Engineering and NPCC.
Carifin is a joint venture owned by the United Kingdom government operated Commonwealth Development Corporation ("CDC") and the Republic of Cuba government operated New Bank Group that provides short term financial support and working capital to commercial businesses operating in Cuba.
Spun off from CDC Group Plc (CDC, formerly Commonwealth Development Corporation, UK s developmental financial institution) in 2004 and subsequently privatized, Actis is now a global pan-emerging market PE firm.
By LONDON, July 07, 2011 (Frontier Star): Punjab government and Commonwealth Development Corporation have announced to set up an investment fund with the participation of different countries for the promotion of foreign investment in the province.
The Commonwealth Development Corporation (CDC) increased returns on its Africa portfolio by 12% last year.
Ms Short, on a two-day visit to Pakistan, also said consideration could be given to cancelling interest payments on the country's pounds 20 million debt to the Commonwealth Development Corporation and disclosed direct aid to the military government there would be increased.
5 million dollar loan from the Standard Bank of London and the Commonwealth Development Corporation.
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