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a pasture subject to common use

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Commonland has been handed down to us from past ages.
By the mid-19th century there was a danger of all the commonland disappearing.
FARMERS and graziers are being urged to attend roadshows to check new digital commonland maps ready for public rights of access under the Countryside and Rights of Way Act 2000.
Tables 2 to 5 summarize data to the individual and collective uses of the commonlands, the participation of the commoners in their commonland, and the accomplishments made with the revenues associated with the use.
Short title: Commonlands in the northwestern Iberian Peninsula
The commonlands were kept in existence and acknowledged throughout the evolving process from the primitive medieval economy to the modern capitalist-type economy.
The legislation in both countries acknowledges that the property of MVMC and Baldios belong to the populations surrounding the commonlands.
Nevertheless, in respect to the management, the legislative process regarding the institution of the commonlands to the local communities considers two different management models: on the one hand, the responsibility lies fully with the commoners; on the other hand, the management is carried out jointly with the state, through the Forestry Services--in this model the Administration undertakes the management decisions.
The Bill could be a formula for disputes between walkers and farmers and conservationists on mountains, moors, heaths, downs and registered commonland.
But the Country Landowners Association has warned Ministers that they could be left sitting on a legal time-bomb if they stick by their refusal to pay compensation to owners of mountains, moors, heaths, downs and registered commonland affected by the controversial proposal in the Countryside and Rights of Way Bill.
Follow the Staffordshire Way signs but take care as there are many other trails and paths over the commonland.
By 1607, Haining was also at loggerheads with several burgesses in Selkirk over the surrounding commonlands.
To perform the analysis we focused on two groups of commonlands with effective use and organization capacity, located in two municipalities of Portugal and of Galicia neither too isolated nor peri-urban ones.
The role commonlands can play in local development projects is not only considered meaningful.