common-law marriage

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a marriage relationship created by agreement and cohabitation rather than by ceremony

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56) When Dock Richardson attacked Maggie Turner, his common-law wife, for example, she "broke and run [sic] into the kitchen and he was advancing on me with a knife and I grabbed an ice pick and struck at him.
Los Angeles Police Department Detective Chuck Lenane said Gates was living in a converted garage with his common-law wife and her two children in the 13500 block of Corcoran Street in San Fernando when he was killed.
Jim Smith abducted his common-law wife and their son from a distant state.
John Allen Rubio, 23, and common-law wife, Angela Camacho, told police they thought the children were possessed.
THE common-law wife of a Coventry businessman killed in Thailand has claimed kidnappers demanded a large ransom for the safe return of her partner.
Miranda and his common-law wife Jessica Jin, 23, of Holy Avenue, Harrow, Middlesex, deny one count of conspiring with others to defraud the Home Office between January 1 1999 and March 3 2002.
The remaining two are Emily, a young girl who has been abused by men, and Stark, a gunfighter who is seeking revenge for the vicious murder of his common-law wife by a man who has sought refuge in Japan.
Mr Tarnawski originated from Liverpool and moved to Sheffield in 1991, living in Gleadless with his common-law wife and their nine-year-old daughter.
His common-law wife, Lauren Chambers, 37, tried to help but a second man shot him at close range.
The criminal complaint alleges that on or about July 2, 2000, YORK, while an inmate at the Worcester County House of Correction, in West Boylston, Massachusetts, mailed a death threat to his estranged common-law wife.
The 51-year-old detained man is reported to have moved to the area from Coventry three years ago with his common-law wife and their family.
Although both empathetically conflate the distant Bathsheba with Rembrandt's common-law wife, Hendrickje, and assume that she was the model, their conclusions are diverse.
A respected leader in the Iroquois matriarchy, she was also the common-law wife of Sir William Johnson, British Indian affairs agent.
The ref, known as the most flamboyant in Premiership football, played away with 28-year-old Alison Richards even though he had a common-law wife and two children.
He and his common-law wife, who had a low-paying job at a cookie shop, were raising her four children from a previous marriage.