common-law marriage

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a marriage relationship created by agreement and cohabitation rather than by ceremony

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In the book, she also discovers her common-law husband is involved in a huge financial scam and as she delves into the background an evil cast of characters appear - including a man known as 'Psycho'.
On January 26, 1939, for instance, the New Orleans Item ran the headline "Stabbed to Death: His Wife Being Sought" above the article stating that Marie Dejob was believed "to have stabbed to death her common-law husband, Willie Collins.
She separated from her common-law husband, received a pounds 300,000 settlement, and used that to set up her teenage daughter's dream of breeding Welsh ponies.
Torn from her common-law husband and their two children, she struggles to cope with the interminable boredom of institutional life, so when the opportunity to take part in the Brides for Indians programme comes up she leaps at it.
She was waiting for her common-law husband to collect her and told the court she could hear him ringing her mobile phone during a 45-minute ordeal.
James Wandrum, 52, was Margaret's common-law husband formore than 20 years but he also had a child with MacKenzie.
The Turkish immigrant, seven months pregnant, was stabbed by her common-law husband.
Maria Vasquez, 30, met her common-law husband Felix Sosa 16 years ago in Chiapas, Mexico.
Eileen Colbourne lived with her common-law husband Clive Colbourne in Colwyn Bay.
But when she asked her pastor if she could receive Communion at the quinceanera Mass, the priest's answer was a simple no: She and her common-law husband of nearly 20 years had never married in the church.
According to the police, the 59-year-old woman in Matsuyama, Ehime Prefecture, was asked by her acquaintance, Tomoko Matsushita, 59, who borrowed money from her, to donate her kidney to Matsushita's common-law husband Suzuo Yamashita, 59 -- both arrested Oct.
The 28-year-old, now single, has experienced first hand a break-up with her common-law husband.
Mandy's 32-year-old common-law husband Steve was also inside the house with wrist wounds.
Love cheat mum Mandy Mitchell today told how beatings at the hands of her common-law husband drove her into the arms of another man.
An $84,000 a year contract between the Aboriginal People's Television Network (APTN) and Jerry Giberson, the common-law husband of long-time APTN board member Debbie Brisebois, was the subject of two pages of discussion in a report entitled "Control and Business Processes Review Project," produced for the network by PriceWaterhouseCoopers (PWC) in January 2003.