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a marriage relationship created by agreement and cohabitation rather than by ceremony

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For the purposes of the Act and these Regulations, an individual who has been in a conjugal relationship with a person for at least one year but is unable to cohabit with the person, due to persecution or any form of penal control, shall be considered a common-law partner of the person.
No tax is payable on funds held within a Tax-Free Savings Account (TFSA), and these can also be transferred to a TFSA in the name of a surviving spouse or common-law partner.
The property was, before the transfer, used principally (50%) in a farming business in which the taxpayer, the taxpayer's spouse or common-law partner, or any of the taxpayer's children was actively engaged on a regular or continuous basis.
For the purposes of these Regulations, a foreign national shall not be considered a spouse, a common-law partner, a conjugal partner or an adopted child of a person if the marriage, common-law partnership, conjugal partnership or adoption is not genuine and was entered into primarily for the purpose of acquiring any status or privilege under the Act.
All of these patterns--the proportion of husbands who died, the percentage of cohabiting couples, the relative absence of premeditation, the proportion of killings that began with battles over personal authority, and the use of knives rather than guns--set common-law partner killings apart.
Sean Phillips, 37, was discovered at his Mayfield Avenue home in Cramlington on Sunday, June 27, after his common-law partner received the message at around 4pm that afternoon.
Table 1: Characteristics of Victims of Intimate Femicide and Their Killers, Ontario, 1974-1994 Characteristics Victims Offenders Total number 705 705 Average age 37 41 % born in Canada 76% 70% % with children 80% 77% Employment Status % employed 51% 64% % unemployed 17% 21% % homemakers 18% 0% % students 5% 2% % retired or on disability pension 9% 13% Relationship of Victim to Offender % legal spouse, cohabiting 39% % legal spouse, separated 16% % common-law partner, cohabiting 18% % common-law partner, separated 7% % divorced spouse <1% % current girlfriend 12% % estranged girlfriend 8% % Aboriginal 6% 6%
Does your will create a testamentary trust or a spousal or common-law partner trust?
Nowadays Canadian citizens and permanent residents (PRs) can sponsor the immigration of their spouse (husband or wife), common-law partner, conjugal partner, dependent children and parents or grandparents to Canada.
Equal benefits and obligations for all common-law partners are included in the report, as well as a provision for the payments of transportation costs by next-of-kin to include all critically ill clients in receipt of intermediate, chronic, or acute care.
This includes, for the first time, infirm spouses, common-law partners, and minor children.
Thirty years ago Ontario, for example, out of a false compassion, listed common-law partners as "spouses" and gave them various benefits appropriate to matrimonial unions (Ontario Family Law Act, Section 29).
In tune with the strange "morality" that the government has been implementing in this country, "conjugal partner" has been added to the family category, so that common-law partners and same-sex partners can be sponsored as a "family member.
The GIS and the Allowances provide additional income to low-income pensioners, their spouses or common-law partners, and eligible survivors.