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Synonyms for uncommon

Synonyms for uncommon

Synonyms for uncommon

not common or ordinarily encountered


marked by an uncommon quality


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Several species can be picked out simply by the fact that the flight feathers are white, the common species have black on their primaries.
Conservation status-none; may be a common species in suitable habitat.
Wholesale conversion of land not only threatens to make no small number of common species rare through human activity," writes Dinerstein.
We first compared the proportion of species in the uncommon/rare category to the proportion of common species between the suborders Anisoptera and Zygoptera (Table 1).
Dr Richard Inger, one of the researchers from the University of Exeter, said: "It is very worrying that the most common species of bird are declining rapidly because it is this group of birds that people benefit from the most.
The Lion's Mane jellyfish packs the most potent sting of the common species that have been spotted in British waters, and they can grow to be several feet wide.
Switzerland represent, detect different levels of biodiversity and integrate both rare and common species.
In the UK, the most common species is called Toxocara and it is seen in dogs and cats.
Common species include Baby Doll, Eric Smith and Britten, whose flowers open white and blush pink as they age.
TEHRAN (FNA)- Scientists harnessed the circadian mechanism found in cyanobacteria to transplant the circadian wiring into a common species of bacteria that is naturally non-circadian.
John, 68, said: "I've tried to concentrate on relatively common species, things like rooks, the fox or the blackcap, which thies into the window John, 68, said: "I've tried to concentrate on relatively common species, things like rooks, the fox or the blackcap, which 'ies into the window and dies.
One of the UK's most common species, it is a small bat which roosts in crevices of houses
The marbled white, a common species in the south of England, was introduced into Wingate Quarry in County Durham, 65km above its range.
There are six common species of sea creatures that are able to generate a sizable electric jolt, used to hunt prey, navigate murky waters and communicate with others of their species, especially during mating season.
The researchers report that world's top 50 most evolutionarily distinct bird species include widely distributed and common species such as the osprey and the ostrich, well-known oddities such as the hoatzin and the shoebill, and lesser-known, range-restricted species such as the New Caledonian owlet-nightjar and the Solomon Islands frogmouth, the researchers report.