Sonchus oleraceus

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annual Eurasian sow thistle with soft spiny leaves and rayed yellow flower heads


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The survey work builds on an earlier project led by DAF researchers into the level and status of herbicide resistance in common sowthistle across the northern region in 2014-2016.
This indicates that, for the majority of properties in the north, glyphosate remains an effective control option for common sowthistle as long as plants are treated at an early growth stage using robust label rates of herbicide.
Descriptive statistical parameters of the populations of common sowthistle, horseweed and 'maria-mole' Statistical Weeds per square meter parameters Common sow Horseweed 'Maria-mole' thistle Mean 1.
Common sowthistle leaves look much like dandelion leaves and also have milky latex.
Cook both of these relatives as you would common sowthistle.