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highly valued as food

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Analysis of the data from the 1995 survey indicated that fecundity was overestimated between 11% (Atlantic cod) and 13% for European plaice and common sole (Fig.
1986; Rijnsdorp, 1991) and common sole (Witthames et al.
King Edward's Bay is producing a few nice cod over high water with John Fielding taking one of 6lb and Blyth pier has seen quite a few common sole during the calmer conditions ( Jim Baker took three which where all returned.
These trends were shown both by commercially exploited species such as Atlantic cod and common sole.
A happy junior is Seaham angler Daniel Clark, with a new Seaham SAC record for a common sole with 9oz 12 dm.
Looters have responded by buying boots with common soles and tires with unremarkable treads.