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Synonyms for winkle

winkle someone out


Synonyms for winkle

small edible marine snail

edible marine gastropod

emit or reflect light in a flickering manner

gleam or glow intermittently

remove or displace from a position


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The common periwinkle lives along coastlines throughout much of Europe.
The common periwinkle creeps along much of Europe's coastlines.
A bit more common as ground cover is vinca, the common periwinkle, which will grow in shade as long as the soil is moist, so is good for growing beneath trees and shrubs.
The drug was developed from extracts of the Vinca rosea plant, known as the Madagascar or common periwinkle, as was another cancer therapeutic, vinblastine.
Davies and his colleague Janine Blackwell have measured the thickness of new and reused trails of a common periwinkle (Littorina littorea), which creeps along rocky Atlantic shores.