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a logarithm to the base 10

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Using high-resolution scanned log data and the RAYSAW hardwood log sawing simulator, we compared recovery results for a 32-log sample with data from other mills and examined the overrun factors for common log scaling methods.
OD and TC BOLCs include a week on Common Log QM, which focuses on property accountability and culminates with a practical exercise on conducting a platoon-level inventory of general mechanic toolboxes, camouflage nets, radio antennas, humvees, and generator sets.
The most widely used log file formats are Common Log File Format and Extended Log File Format.
In the same algebra survey (Kenney, 2006), 35 out of 59 students answered that ln(x) was equal to log(x) although these special notations for the natural log (loge) and common log ([log.
BalaBit played an active role in Common Log Transport Specification, to make moving event records between different systems easier using the syslog protocol.
Because Papertrail works with all common log methods, engineers can see these related events together as an end-to-end operational narrative.
The most common log length used in industry and research is 16 feet with a 1/2 foot trim allowance.
The initial release of Netcool/USMs includes meters that measure network and applications usage from sources such as Cisco Netflow, Nortel Shasta, Alcatel 5620, Firewalls, Web Server Common Log Format (CLF) files and ASCII Logfiles.
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