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(civil law) a law established by following earlier judicial decisions

a system of jurisprudence based on judicial precedents rather than statutory laws

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In England, the common law system continued to develop and the nineteenth century was to be a period of great judicial creativity.
Full disclosure is part of the common law system but it's not found in civil courts in Western Europe, which uses Civil Law, or in the Middle East.
Well advised international investors gravitate towards the security that the English Common law system of The British Virgin Islands offers for both trust and corporate structures.
In contrast to civil (continental) law system, common law system places great weight on court decisions which have the same force of law as government-made laws (statutes).
In addition, these early chapters explain how a common law system differs from traditional civilian legal systems, how to locate authorities in a library or online, and how to synthesize several sources into an operative legal rule through IRAC analysis and a short closed-universe memorandum.
Putting aside for the moment special features like the trust, ownership under the civil law and fee simple ownership of land in the common law system (and for the most part the respective notions of full ownership of personal property) coincide to a remarkable extent in their basic features: a possessory right to prevent invasions subject to qualifications such as for necessity, and supplemented by duties (for example, for lateral support or to shovel sidewalks).
In spite of its Continental influences, we should not characterize the Israeli legal system as a civil law system--though one of a kind in many ways, it should still be classified as a common law system for several reasons.
As one of the world's leading business hubs, Dubai offers a range of commercial dispute options through its Arabic-language, civil law Courts; the English-language, common law system at the DIFC Courts, and the DIFC - LCIA Arbitration Centre.
The DIFC Courts operates under a common law system and follows the laws specified in the contract under question in the dispute.
common law system has been appealing to the business and legal community," he said.
But landowners, led by CLA Wales, argued that EU rulings were not applicable in Britain where the ancient Common Law system differs from continental land systems.
Now they are looking for new opportunities, and through establishing (joint ventures) with Hong Kong partners under the benefit of the common law system, the companies can access China with ease,'' Choi said.
He finds that there is a great difference between the continental civil law systems and the Anglo-American common law system.
The judgments of the Supreme Court are binding on the lower courts since in Cyprus we follow the English common law system," he said.
Canada is both a common law system and (by virtue of Quebec) a civil law system, a significant reality that is reflected in the fact that three of the nine judges on the SCC must be from the bar of the province of Quebec.