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(civil law) a law established by following earlier judicial decisions

a system of jurisprudence based on judicial precedents rather than statutory laws

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This is the first study to correlate the common law system and its historically weak property protections for married women to high HIV prevalence.
Jurisprudence normative value outside the common law system was outlined once the differences between the two systems of law diminished, doctrine arguing that "jurisprudence general legal acts creative function, acquired and amplified with time, was initially contested, but it seems to be unanimously accepted now, looking only for reasonable explanations" (Deleanu, 2005: 275).
The Executive Council of Ras Al Khaimah, together with the Sheikh Saqr Programme for Government Excellence and the DIFC Academy of Law, have agreed to establish a system to educate Emirati students and professionals on the common law with the aim of producing lawyers familiar with both the civil law system, generally applicable in the UAE, and the common law system prevailing in the DIFC and several other international business centres.
But for text writers in the common law system a plausible framework is achievable only by stripping cases of their context--indeed generalising them out of their context is the essence of the enterprise.
This does not mean the Statutes were unimportant--the abolition of the doctrine of common employment had very significant implications for industry--but in terms of the judicially created common law system, they were mere correctives.
Leaving aside the common law system of today and returning to Leoni's classical vision, he thus provides his great insight: a crucial distinction between what he calls the "short-run" certainty of the law, embodied in legislation, and the "long-run" certainty of the law promoted by the common law.
Quite uniquely, the Real Property Regulations then overlay the existing real estate laws of Abu Dhabi with a system for registration and regulation of 'non-freehold' interests in real property based on the common law system in England.
Gregory begins his account in British Isles, where habeas was not bequeathed to free-born Englishmen by a legal Lady of the Lake but rather sprouted almost accidentally in the space between feuding court systems--the Norman crown in London versus the older common law system at work in the provinces.
The common law system opens the door to questions about a purported owner's true extent of ownership and allows the real beneficiaries and sometimes the true decision makers to be hidden (e.
The common law system is not easy for most Canadians to understand, perhaps because it is not always coherent.
Our system here is entirely different from I'd say 90% of the other systems, being a common law system and not, for example, in France where you have an inquisitorial system.
He added that their real agenda is sharia, suggesting that all Pakistan's secular courts based on the common law system be abolished.
The Minister said that Cyprus continues to benefit from a low corporate tax rate, favorable double-taxation treaties, a well-educated labour force, common law system, strong institutions and relatively low structural barriers to growth.