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terminal branches of the abdominal aorta

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The larger part of the leiomyosarcoma was found to be intravascular and tethered to the common iliac vein and IVC in the primary excision (Figure 5).
The type of shunt used often depends on the vessel injured, with larger vessels such as the common iliac artery or aorta being too large for these commercial tubes.
were repaired using direct suture in surgery, but one case of the left common iliac artery laceration secondary to anterior cage placement was so severe that an anatomic reconstruction with prosthetic graft was performed.
Veress needle and primary trocar entry require critical attention to the angle and direction of the thrust relative to the abdominal cavity, with a midline entry angle of 45[degrees] to 60[degrees] recommended to avoid the aorta and left common iliac vein
The lower left side predominance of the DVTs suggests that women who develop DVT while on oral contraceptives might benefit from early endovascular stenting to relieve compression of the left common iliac vein, according to Dr.
The common iliac arteries were sectioned near their origins and the aneurysm was dissected from below upwards.
After serial X-rays, we saw that the straight tip was just at the caudal end of the vena cava, and the j-tip part of the catheter was located in right common iliac vein, where the wire was positioned in a route from superior vena cava through right atrium down to iliac vein (Fig.
The first case was a 73 year-old patient with an AAA complicated by a narrowing of the left common iliac artery, and the second case featured an anatomy that included a calcified stenosis of the aorta just above the aneurysm.
On 12 April, a vascular surgeon with Cardiothoracic and Vascular Surgeons became the first in the nation to implant the US-based medical device company Gore Medical's Gore Excluder Iliac Branch Endoprosthesis aortic branch device for the endovascular treatment of common iliac artery aneurysms or aortoiliac aneurysms, the company said.
Left internal iliac vein was seen crossing the midline to drain into the right common iliac vein (Figure 4).
Background: To evaluate the feasibility of a new surgeon-modified iliac branch device (IBD) technique to maintain pelvic perfusion in the management of common iliac artery (CIA) aneurysm during endovascular aneurysm repair (EVAR).
6] Normal vesical lymphatics drain into the perivesical network, from which originate 6 groups of pathways: (1) the visceral lymphatic plexus within the bladder wall; (2) the intercalated LNs; (3) pelvic collecting trunks; (4) regional pelvis LNs (which include the external iliac, hypogastric and sacral LNs groups); (5) lymphatic trunks originating from the regional pelvic LNs; and (6) common iliac LNs.
However, the entire left border of the vessel was smooth and continuous, and inflow from the left common iliac was not appreciated (Figure 1).
Aneurysm size, infra-renal neck diameter and length were noted, as well as diameter and length of the common iliac arteries.