Common era

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Synonyms for Common era

the time period beginning with the supposed year of Christ's birth

of the period coinciding with the Christian era


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Additionally, people of the Common Era were accustomed to extraordinary freedom and, even with a swath of forest to himself, Jeff began to feel confined.
Perhaps Dacy might also have considered the struggle that the early Church underwent to define its relationship to the Hebrew Bible/"Old Testament" in the first few centuries of the Common Era.
These have now been changed BC to BCE - before the common era, AD to CE - Common Era.
the revival of the seaborne flow of goods, ideas, and people that united southern India, Southeast Asia and coastal China from the early centuries of the Common Era until its disruption by the nineteenth century advance of the West.
Using traditional Jewish wisdom and the guidance of the Torah and Talmud and applying their lessons to the modern world, the views, despite being thousands of years old, are new and refreshing to the common era.
The book was divided into six chapters where scholarly women of achievement were mentioned in chronological order starting from 400 Common Era (CE) up to the 20th Century.
Some of what Wajeman has discovered will not shock readers of these pages, such as the emergence of the figure of Lucifer in the first century of the common era, but her presentation is as clear as could be wished.
The generally acclaimed first volume was devoted to the Buddhist art of Late Han, Three Kingdoms, and Western Chin in China and Bactria to Shan-Shan in Central Asia, covering the first three centuries of the Common Era.
Remarkably, the production of silk remained a closely guarded secret and a Chinese monopoly for some three thousand years, until the beginning of the Common Era, when the secret of sericulture traveled east to Korea and Japan and began to spread west along the Silk Road.
Exemplary in this respect is Ananya Jahanara Kabir's entry on Islam, which provides a historical, doctrinal, sociological, and ethno-cultural overview that reaches back to the origins of the faith in the seventh century of the Common Era, but in terms which clearly illuminate contemporary developments within the Islamic world (for example, the role of women and the relationship between Shi'as and Sunnis) and its relationship to the West.
David Kling's new book contains eight separate studies in Christian biblical interpretation that span the two millennia of the Common Era.
Although they lived through a common era, one as a sport-lover and the other as a sport-hater, today's scenario could not be analysed quite as it was in their day.
They have replaced them with BCE - Before Common Era - and CE - Common Era.
Iraq holds a special place in Islamic history, where the nascent religion of the Arabs was transformed into a "golden age" under the Abbasid caliphs in the ninth and tenth centuries of the common era.
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