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black-and-white dolphin that leaps high out of the water

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With the common dolphin, copulation tended to be what it seemed - a straightforward means of mating," the report said.
The short-beaked common dolphin was filmed repeatedly leaping almost four metres out of the water near Worm's Head on the Gower coast on Friday.
Whilst large pods of common dolphins are still an amazing sight, with animals jumping and splashing around you at great speeds, what made the large pod of bottlenose dolphins particularly special was the size of these animals.
In comparison, just two common dolphin strandings were reported in the first two months of 2010, while there were three strandings in the comparable period for 2009.
The food-rich area is a critical habitat for the common dolphin, which gathers in large numbers in the summer to feed and calve, the trusts said.
In this study, we use hormone measurements collected from biopsy samples to evaluate pregnancy patterns in the two species of common dolphins in the eastern North Pacific.
Morbillivirus infection in stranded common dolphins from the Pacific Ocean.
In addition to their individual species' models, short- and long-beaked common dolphins were combined into an additional Delphinus species category because the 2 species were not recognized formally as distinct until 1994 (Heyning and Perrin, 1994).
We were treated to some amazing sights though of Common Dolphins and Southern Right Whales which filled the downtime on the boat.
Dolphins, including the Indo-pacific humpback, bottlenose and common dolphins, swim around the island
In addition to these targeted species, it is possible to observe many other marine animals, including Cape fur seals, common dolphins, Bryde's whales, tunas, African penguins and many other sea birds.
Bottlenose dolphins are the most commonly known, in addition to the short-beaked common dolphins and striped dolphins.
On August 7, five common dolphins were discovered alive on Rossnowlagh beach, in south Donegal.