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West Mercia Police received 'excellent' grades in areas such as strategic management and maintaining high professional standards, and 'good' grades for dealing with common crime, road crime and handling calls.
Cedric Lea, one of the group's main organisers, said: "The Balsall Common Crime Prevention Group has previously never received any king of funding.
Chief Inspector David Wall revealed crime in has fallen by almost a quarter with the most common crime - criminal damage - down by more than a third.
The most common crime against young people, according to the survey, was being attacked, followed by mobile phone and bike theft.
VIOLENT crime is the most common crime committed by young people in Warwickshire, a new report shows.
The most common crime is theft, but the study also found high numbers of burglaries, robberies, and violent incidents.
Lothian and Borders Police spokesman Martin White said: "Spitting is a fairly common crime on buses in Edinburgh.
Duterte's popularity, built on his seeming willingness to engage in unlawful violence to eliminate common crime, a serious problem in many urban areas in the Philippines, has an appeal that extends far beyond Davao City," the report said.
And theft is the most common crime - 57 per cent of people contacting the TVSS have been robbed.
There's a lot of common crime and lots of guns and bombs about.
For close to three decades, the quarterly Social Weather Surveys have been asking respondents if anyone in their families was victimized by a common crime in the past six months.
In India reports of Rape are rising and rape is considered as the fourth most common crime against women.
Assault was the most common crime, recorded at 1,790 between 2013-2017, with 1,199 shoplifting offences.
Assault was the most common crime recorded at 1,790 between 2013-2017, with 1,199 shoplifting offences.
The Commons Public Accounts Committee (PAC) said banks must take more responsibility for preventing cyber-fraud, which is now the most common crime in England and Wales.