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Minister of Women's Affairs Aida Garcia Naranjo said that it was an act of justice to reopen the investigations because "we are not dealing with common crimes for which the statutory limitation has expired but rather with a crime against humanity.
The most common crime involved is violence against the person - these accounted for 264 of the 380 crime report mentions.
Sadly in post-conflict Timor-Leste domestic violence is a common crime and victims often find it difficult to file complaints, she said, adding that despite these difficulties Officer Gulfam has played an exceptional role in supporting and protecting vulnerable persons.
teenagers off from bringing drugs over the border, once a common crime.
The most common crime committed was consuming produce without paying for it, with over 160,000 workers secretly stealing food.
Never before in the turbulent history of the island had anyone committed grave robbery, which, admittedly, is not common crime anywhere in the world.
The most common crime there was violence, followed by sexual offences.
Car theft is the most common crime committed by children in Gwent, with 477 offences last year.
If we went back to the original issue and overlooked traffic violations, the most common crime committed by Arabs these days has to do with carrying prohibited items across borders, especially at airports.
It is an increasingly common crime, with thieves sneaking up on unsuspecting pedestrians and slicing through their shoulder straps, allowing them to slip the bag off their shoulder unnoticed leaving the victim without their wallets, phones, passports and other important items.
Bag-snatching is a common crime throughout Europe and one can only sympathise with her, hopefully she will see the car again someday and point it out to local people.
Larceny became the most common crime committed by these women.
Yet the impacts of terrorist attacks are significantly small compared to common crime or other types of violence.
Car theft is a common crime throughout Kern County, Maniord said, but possession of a master key is highly unusual.