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Synonyms for etiquette

Synonyms for etiquette

socially correct behavior

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rules governing socially acceptable behavior

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Of course, permission should be asked as common courtesy.
We worked a lot on common courtesy and manners last year, and most of the children became a lot more comfortable expressing gratitude and appreciation for our efforts.
Kay Hymowitz, senior fellow at the Manhattan Institute, responded to this plight, a situation in which even the most basic expectations of student civility and common courtesy seem now near impossible for many teachers and schools to uphold:
Because The News didn't -- and doesn't -- wish to be in the position of deciding how bad someone has to be before it withholds common courtesy.
It is only common courtesy and acknowledgement that everybody has a part to play.
Common courtesy requests that you at least let people know what is going on in the neighbor-hood.
The keys to communication are common courtesy and civility.
The absence of common courtesy, such as indifference from retail clerks, or being treated like a number by impersonal bureaucracies.
It's also common courtesy to release those who are helping you search for balls after two or three minutes.
They rationalize what they are eliminating is just another telephone call, but in reality what is being sacrificed is of greater significance, they are sacrificing common courtesy.
Eine soziologische Prozessanalyse auf der Grundlage deutscher Anstands- und Manierenbucher von 1870 bis 1970 (Frankfurt am Main, 1984); Judith Martin, Common Courtesy.
But if we can't get to the point of common courtesy and charity, we're never going to get to genuine Christian dislogue.
I realize that the president's staff is busy running the country and that my story is not - and should not - be a priority, but a little common courtesy wouldn't hurt.
As the Front Page went into the hellbox, bishops vanished from the city rooms, common courtesy was deleted from the news columns.