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a person or firm in the business of transporting people or goods or messages

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Currently, new common carriers connect their lines to NTT's exchanges to provide services.
To achieve the ubiquity and versatility that is critical to PCS, a tetherless, common carrier microcell network is required.
Asked to estimate what percentage of their company's use of United States domestic transmission services of all types is carried by interLATA common carriers, intraLATA common carriers and customer-provided systems, the respondents said 62, 33 and 4 percent, respectively.
Armed with this decision, more and more landowners are challenging pipeline companies' status as common carriers.
Not all common carriers comply with the duty to obtain certification or file tariffs, however, and some are not required to do so in any event.
FuelQuest Adopts PCATS-NAXML to Enable Integration Between FMS (Fuel Management System) and Common Carrier Information Systems
According to the new model, adopting new criteria to calculate costs such as a longer durability period for facilities, access charges for telecom services offered by new common carriers to homes via local switching equipment of NTT East Corp.
In Ventura County, skunks and bats are the most common carriers of rabies.
This Article will examine the consequences of continued regulation of incumbent common carriers in an environment where certain newcomers can operate free of regulation.
The New York Court of Appeals recently held that the common carrier liability rule--a century-old legal theory that imposes absolute liability on common carriers for their employees' misconduct--is no longer viable in that state.
Louis, the approval coming over the protests of the established common carriers (AT&T, General Tel and Western Union) and after six years of legal hassle.
In striking down a Maine law requiring common carriers to obtain signatures of those having cigarettes shipped to them, the Supreme Court simply found that states could not independently force a third party carrier to take responsibility for the product because carriers in interstate commerce are regulated by federal law, not state law, and are not the sellers of the product.
Since at least the middle ages, most significant carriers of communications and commerce have been regulated as common carriers.
It is part of the Railroad Commission's responsibility to apply the applicable statutory provisions to the pipelines under its jurisdiction and determine if those pipelines are private pipelines, gas utilities or common carriers.