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Synonyms for carp

find fault

Synonyms for carp

to raise unnecessary or trivial objections

carp at: to scold or find fault with constantly

Synonyms for carp

the lean flesh of a fish that is often farmed

any of various freshwater fish of the family Cyprinidae

raise trivial objections


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The presence of common carp in experimental gill nets was inconsequential in both samples (0.
The two closely related cyprinids, the wild common carp and the wild goldfish, began to be changed into true domesticated animals in early medieval times, though in different parts of the world and for different purposes (Chen, 1956; Balon, 1969, 1974, 1995b).
Common carp can also have detrimental effects on the biotic potential of aquatic ecosystems directly and indirectly through their feeding and spawning habits (Zambrano and Hinojosa 1999).
Roger Booth with the 29lb 4oz common carp he caught in Ryton Pool
Fifty common carp to 14lbs have been introduced to the new lake this week from the stock ponds to grow onto 20lbs fish by the time of the opening.
Luke Astley fished another Merthyr Tydfil AA water, Penywern Middle Pond, and used boilies as bait to catch a 9lb common carp and 10.
Elsewhere, the TAA water at Killingworth has seen some decent carp and tench caught, and a 21lb common carp was taken from Hemlington's big lake, while Blyth FAC's Meggies Pond is pleasure-fishing very well, with some very good ide and bream coming out along with roach, tench and perch.
In a hectic week with bite alarms going off by day and night, Peter caught plenty of fish including a 49lb mirror, 38lb 7oz koi carp, another mirror of 21lb 15oz, a 36lb 8oz mirror, a 38lb 2oz mirror, a common carp of 32lb 14oz and a leather carp of 28lb 8oz.
Match angler Paul Abbott (above) got the shock of his life when a 30-minute battle resulted in him banking a personal best 23lb 8oz common carp from Barston Lakes.
Frank landed one common carp of 8lb and three mirror carp of 121b 7oz, 151b 2oz and 221b 12oz.
THIS portly common carp was returned to the Forth and Clyde Canal at Firhill Basin, Glasgow, none the worse for its adventure.
Barnsley's Chris Schofield landed a common carp of 27lb 6oz after four previous fruitless visits to the deep and difficult Wakefield Angling Club water.
Llyn Y Gors, Anglesey RHYL youngster Luke Williams, using Richworth crab and mussel boilies, was among the fish this week, catching a 13lb common carp.
Jackson James used sweetcorn as bait when he fished his local Cyfartha Park Lake and landed a 15lb common carp and a number of bream to 4lb.
The last evening match in the King of Whins series saw Alan Edmondson boost his winning catch of 23lb 2oz by landing a fine 15lb 14oz common carp, but the overall winner of the series was David Wardman by one point over Ian Corrie.