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In our study area, common buckthorn comprises 54% and green ash comprises 39% of the tree species along the stream reach, whereas buckthorn provides 24% and ash provides 69% of the total leaf biomass entering the stream (Freund et al.
When leaves were dried and then conditioned in the stream for varying periods of time, consumption of common buckthorn generally increased, peaked, and then decreased, as measured by the relative loss of both area and mass (Figs.
Common buckthorn leaves are very thin and lack a waxy cuticle, factors hypothesized to contribute to their significantly faster decomposition compared to native green ash leaves in Genesee Creek (Freund et al.
For individual woody species, common buckthorn and honeysuckle displayed a significant corridor effect, decreasing significantly in abundance as distance from the source patch increased (Table 5; P = 0.
At least one local nursery still carries common buckthorn.
Like white mulberry, common buckthorn is spread by fruit-eating birds (Schierenbeck, 2004; Knight et al.