Vicia sativa

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herbaceous climbing plant valuable as fodder and for soil-building


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1] Manual weeding 0,00c 0,00c 0,00e Mechanical mowing 0,00c 0,00c 0,00e White clover 0,26c 3,60ab 3,86d Red clover 0,31c 4,20ab 4,51cd Turnip 2,63b 2,14bc 4,77cd Corn spurrey 2,67b 5,01a 7,74ab Common vetch 4,13ab 3,75ab 7,88a Black oat 3,52ab 2,29ab 5,81bcd Rye 4,64ab 0,52c 5,16cd Ryegrass 5,25a 1,22c 6,46abc Means followed by the same letter in the column do not differ significantly (Tukey test, P<0.
Mixed sowing of oats with common vetch brought a protein-rich harvest with a higher or equivalent yield than single-sown oats.
Determination the relation among yield and yield components using correlation and path analyses in summer sown common vetch, Vicia sativa L.
Dhima KV, Lithourgidis AS, Vasilakoglou IB and CA Dordas Competition indices of common vetch and cereal intercrops in two seeding ratio.
A large proportion of common vetch seeds germinate and grow even after sustaining substantial damage.
No-tillage and tillage were compared for corn production using various cover crop mixtures including black oat and common vetch.
We evaluated traditional forages that small farmers use for feeding rabbits, such as gramineae: Ryegrass (Lolium perenne), Barley (Hordeum vulgare); legumes: Beans (Phaseolus vulgaris), faba bean (FB, Vicia faba), common vetch (CV, Vicia sativa); and their mixtures B with FB (BFB) and B with CV (BCV) as an intercrop.
The aim of the study was to determine the technical and economic optimum levels of raw and treated common vetch seed (CVS) on the productive performance and egg quality traits in laying hens.
Plant density and mixture ratio effects on the competition between common vetch and wheat.
They also speculated that the lowest values for TDN in common vetch are attributable to the high amount of ADF and also to the high lignin content.