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herbaceous climbing plant valuable as fodder and for soil-building


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According to the results of tannin analysis, raw common vetch contained 4.
This result may be due to less toxin in soaked and boiled common vetch (Table 1).
Soaking and boiling of common vetch (SBCV) reduced the adverse effect on FCR.
Except for shell strength and Haugh unit, other egg quality parameters (shape index, shell thickness, shell weight, yolk color, yolk index and albumen index) were not affected by common vetch compared with the control diet (p>0.
1987) reported that laying hens at peak production fed diets containing an increasing level (0, 5 and 10%) of common vetch seed for a period of 4 mounths had linear decreases in yolk index but no changes in other egg quality parameters (egg weight, shape index, shell strength, albumen index, yolk color, Haugh unit, shell thickness, and shell weight).
The effects of the processing method of common vetch seed on metabolic parameters during the peak period are presented in Table 4.
Regardless of the processing method, supplementation of common vetch reduced the level of creatine (p<0.
In the present study, decreasing body weight and laying performance of hens fed common vetch could be related to reduced serum protein concentration.
The livers in the raw common vetch seed group revealed severe pathological damages such as: sinusoidal dilatation, congestion of the central vein, increased numbers of Kupffer cells, lipid accumulation and lymphocyte inflitration (Figure 7a, and b).
The livers of chicks fed common vetch grown under different fertilezer treatments showed only sinusoidial dilatations.
In conclusion, the present study investigating the performance, egg quality, blood parameters and histopatology showed that feeding raw and soaked common vetch seeds at 25% level is detrimental to laying hens.
Nutritional evaluation of detoxified and raw common vetch seed (Vicia sativa L.
Effect of feding raw and treated common vetch seed (Vicia sativa) on the performance and egg quality parameters of laying hens.
Performance of broilers and production and egg quality parameters of laying hens fed 60% raw or treated common vetch (Viciasativa) seeds.
Effects of additives on laying performance and egg quality of hens fed a high level of common vetch seed (Vicia sativa) during the peak period.