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Synonyms for ragwort

widespread European weed having yellow daisylike flowers

American ragwort with yellow flowers

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Keith Davison, of North Togston, says the former Chester House opencast site is now infested with common ragwort and his five horses are a single field away from it.
In any event a warning to readers on the dangers of common ragwort would not go amiss.
But farmer Philip Lee, of Haverley House, says common ragwort has spread across South Sharpley and his horses are "only the width of a barbed wire fence away".
Common ragwort is known to attack the liver of horses if eaten and is frequently fatal.
At Guidepost, in Northumberland, resident Ken Smith told us that common ragwort was growing close to a field with two horses and a foal.
Occupiers of land are being reminded that they can be forced by law to prevent the spread of common ragwort.
To non-horsey people, the flower looks very attractive, but to those in the know, common ragwort is an opportunist.
Although the law refers to common ragwort only, there are four species found in the UK, which are all equally poisonous to horses.
The bright yellow Common Ragwort is one of the most frequent causes of plant poisoning of livestock in Britain.