Coturnix coturnix

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the typical Old World quail

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Common quail (Coturnix coturnix) were subjected to controlled and replicated experiments in the summer of 2008 to investigate the effects of short-term dehydration on cholinesterase activity in brain and plasma, and the interaction between dehydration and exposure to the organophosphorus pesticide dicrotophos in these same tissues.
A common quail was also seen at the same site, giving a very rare opportunity to see a species almost always "heard only", due to its habit of preferring vast crop fields and scurrying away if disturbed, rather than flying.
Home to the wildlife like deer, blue bull, wolf, desert fox, rabbit, Barasingha and birds like vultures, great Indian bustard, grey francolin, common quail and peacock, the desert humming with diverse life-forms.
ABSTRACT : The genetic diversity of domestic quail and two wild quail species, Japanese Coturnix coturnix and Common quail (Coturnix japonica), found in China was studied using microsatellite DNA markers.
So how do I rate our most common quail against the other five members of his family?
Revenue generated from animal trade: Some animal species during the current study, were found to be traded in greater numbers in both the markets (Table 3); Common Quail (226), rabbit (91), Blue- rock Pigeon (75), Bank Myna (80), Whooper Swan (36), Common Myna (60), Mallard (56), Freshwater turtles (60) and fishes (142).