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common merganser of Europe and North America

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Food-searching behaviour of the Common Merganser (Mergus merganser).
Goosanders, or common mergansers, have an appearance which reflects their predatory lifestyle.
Two dead, oil-covered common mergansers, a species of duck, were found, as well as an oil-covered sea bird that escaped capture, according to a spokeswoman with the state Department of Fish and Game.
We float on, behind a family of common mergansers (diving ducks) and into heart-pumping rapids and peaceful pools.
Hired by the USFWS in 1991, just as he was finishing his dissertation, which dealt with the winter ecology of common mergansers in Michigan, Padding was the coordinator for the wing survey for 15 years.
Middle Creek, at this time of the year, also has bald eagles, tundra swans, northern harriers, short-eared owls, not to mention a plethora of waterfowl species ranging from ring-necked ducks and redheads to common mergansers and northern shovelers.
John Dunn, Game Commission Game Management Division chief, noted that cavity-nesting wood ducks, common mergansers, and hooded mergansers can have their homes washed away or flooded by high waters.
A pair of common mergansers approached, and I purposely let them pass.
Common mergansers work the major rivers, such as the Allegheny, Susquehanna, Delaware, and common goldeneyes use the Susquehanna on their journey north in spring.