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the common European short-winged hawk


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On March 15, 2010, a highly pathogenic avian influenza virus was isolated from the carcass of a common buzzard (Buteo buteo) in Bulgaria.
For brood parasitism to have occurred, Common Buzzard females would have had to enter the eagle nests, contend with an adult White-tailed Sea Eagle with newly hatched nestlings, and laid its eggs.
Usually silent, it can make whistling noises near its nest and is sometimes confused with the common buzzard.
Muscovy duck Cairina moschata Mallard Anas platyrhynchos Greater scaup Aythya marila Tufted duck Aythya fuligula Common merganser Mergus merganser Smew Mergus albellus Falconiformes Common buzzard Buteo buteo Rough-legged hawk Buteo lagopus Peregrine falcon Falco peregrinus Galliformes Common peafowl Pavo cristatus Domestic chicken Gallus gallus Charadriiformes (herring gull) Larus argentatus Strigiformes (eagle owl) Bubo bubo Passeriformes (Eurasian magpie) Pica pica All birds No.
Becky, a common buzzard at Heart of England Falcony centre at Wilmcote
Although superficially resembling the common buzzard, honey buzzards are more closely related to kites.
It is about the size of a common buzzard - of which there are about 30,000 pairs in Britain - which have become a regular sight above urban areas of the West Midlands.
The study says: "The welcome return of the common buzzard and the increase in its population has surprised us all.
The common buzzard has a lengthy history of persecution in the UK, dating back to James I of Scotland who went so far as to order the destruction of all of the birds in the UK.
NEW MAN IN CHARGE: Richard Wall with Becky, a common buzzard.
While sharing similarities with the common buzzard, they actually have more in common, biologically, with the red kite.
But the jury took just half an hour to find him guilty of selling eggs including 14 peregrine falcon, 12 golden eagle, one osprey, 15 common buzzard, three black kite, four marsh harrier, 8 Montagu's harrier, 22 sparrowhawk, 21 kestrel and five merlin.
The common buzzard had been sold illegally, ringed to look like a legal captive-bred bird, and was being kept in a small chicken coop when it was seized.