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a commissioned naval officer who ranks above a captain and below a rear admiral

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Under the constitution of the CYCA the senior flag officer is limited to a term of two years (although there was an exception made when Matt Allen's term as Commodore was extended by a special resolution of members to complete "unfinished business" in club development).
Fortunately for the CYCA and its members, almost every past Commodore has served a number of years on committees, as a director, Vice Commodore or Rear Commodore, before being elected Commodore.
Garry's successful tenure as Commodore can, I believe, be attributed to two things.
The two new Rear Commodores, Michael Cranitch and Gary Linacre, are both former Directors who sought election to Flag rank.
Rear Commodores Cranitch and Linacre replace Roger Hickman, who did not seek re-election and Alan Green who stood, successfully, as a Director.
Members of the Cruising Yacht Club of Australia re-elected unopposed Commodore Geoff Lavis and Vice-Commodore Matt Allen to the Club's two senior Flag positions at the Club's 62nd Annual General Meeting on 10 July.
Commodore Plastics competes against some of the biggest PS foam processors in in the world.
The PS foam tray market is one characterized by long runs, high volumes, and dedicated lines," remarks Brad Braddon, Commodore president and part of the second-generation team of family management.
At the outset, Commodore purchased seven used thermoformers, salvaging the platens and chain rails, and adding new hydraulics and controllers in its own shop.
We are delighted to reach the conclusion of the Commodore brand acquisition," stated Mike J.
This acquisition concerns the transfer of all rights to the Commodore brand including its range of products, recently launched projects and partner contracts, as well as Commodore's licensing agreements for the extremely successful Direct-to-TV joystick.
Together Commodore and SupportPlus, at the IFA show, presented a wide range of consumer electronic products for both the consumers and retail market, such as MP3/MP4-players, C64 gaming joysticks, multimedia download dispensers and home media centers.
In the '80s and '90s the name Commodore represented successful, innovative and technically first-class products," said Ben van Wijhe, CEO of YNMO.
Newly-elected Vice Commodore, Murray Jones, is a prominent youth and team racing coach who has coached Australian Team Racing squad at the World Championships three times.
New Rear Commodore Bruce Craw is a long time member of the RYCT, an enthusiastic sailor who was very prominent in Rainbows and lightweight Sharpie sailing in his younger days