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a commissioned naval officer who ranks above a captain and below a rear admiral

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It seemed like an "amazing leap" when her parents bought a Commodore 64 computer.
This book presents the following case studies of how some Catholic schools have integrated technology: (1) "A Plan for the Integration of Technology" (Teresa Anthony); (2) "Integrating Technology in the Classroom" (Charlotte Bennett); (3) "From Commodore 64 to the Millennium Technology" (Ann Heidkamp); (4) "A Technology Project for the Eighth Graders" (Anna Adam); (5) "We Can't See the Vision If Our Eyes Are Closed" (Deborah A.
Its operating system may make older reporters nostalgic: essentially the same one that ran old Commodore 64 computers.
Development of the Braille TeleCaption System required designing a cable to connect the TeleCaption decoder with a Commodore 64 computer, developing software to translate the caption information into braille, and, finally, modifying a telephone handset to provide the connection between the computer and the TeleBrailler.
Three distinct lines of Commodore computers are being marketed to meet varying classroom needs: The Commodore 64 and 128 are targeted to budget-conscious schools requiring multiple machines.
Written in Commodore Basic for a Commodore 64 or Plus/4, the program can be altered or expanded for any instrument or group of tests to which the matrix mixing protocol applies--that is, any analyzer that follows Beer's law.
For example, entries of 1,000 customers and two-percent grade of service will require approximately 80 seconds before the answer of 37 voice circuits is displayed using a Commodore 64 personal computer.
Once I had my swanky Commodore 64, I worked on it constantly while dreaming of becoming a computer entrepreneur one day.
On my side, Spectrum kids, on the other Commodore 64 divs.
RETRO GAME VISUAL COMMPENDIUMS (SIC) COVERING the ZX Spectrum, the Commodore Amiga and the Commodore 64, these sumptuous books allow you to relive the golden age of gaming.
When he was a kid, Howard would go home after school and play on his then space age BBC Commodore 64 computer in his bedroom.
LIKE many socially awkward boys of my generation, I escaped reality by playing fiendishly addictive games on consoles and computers, including an Atari, Vic 20 and Commodore 64.
Last year's Wolfenstein New Order game represented another reboot of the popular series that started with Castle Wolfenstein in 1981 on the Commodore 64.
The animation looks like it was created on a Commodore 64 and the climax feels like an afterthought.