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The committee decided to hear the letter; the count was thoughtful and silent.
Finally he described, amongst some merriment, the ingenious but highly dangerous aeronautic invention of Professor Challenger, and wound up a most memorable address by an account of the methods by which the committee did at last find their way back to civilization.
Early in the morning a committee called to escort me to my place in the procession which was to march to the Exposition grounds.
Brooke felt a remarkable change in his sensations while he still handled his eye-glass, trifled with documents before him, and exchanged remarks with his committee, as a man to whom the moment of summons was indifferent.
B is to inform the committee that he was mistaken in thinking you used improper language to him, so you will doubtless be restored to the dining-room to- morrow.
No, but it will be, as it has to be exhibited before the committee previous to the prize being awarded.
Fortunately, the Managing Committee relieved me of any perplexity on this head, by passing a resolution, one day, which called upon the President to remonstrate with me on my want of proper interest in the affairs of the Institution.
As it was, a meeting of the neighbors was held on Tuesday and a committee appointed to watch the case and take such action at any time as circumstances might seem to warrant.
States Senate a quorum consists of the chairman of the Committee on
One of Lady Janet's neighbors had called by appointment to take her to the meeting of a certain committee which assembled that day.
There's a circulating library at the Glen store--but I don't think the committee who pick the books for Mr.
The committee stood up and clapped their hands for joy, and while they were clapping them, in came Sir Matthew Pupker, attended by two live members of Parliament, one Irish and one Scotch, all smiling and bowing, and looking so pleasant that it seemed a perfect marvel how any man could have the heart to vote against them.
President Barbicane had, without loss of time, nominated a working committee of the Gun Club.
Then the countess told her of more disagreements and intrigues against the work of the unification of the churches, and departed in haste, as she had that day to be at the meeting of some society and also at the Slavonic committee.
We have,"' the old lady read on with a little extra emphasis, '"a meeting of our Convened Chief Composite Committee of Central and District Philanthropists, at our Head Haven as above; and it is their unanimous pleasure that I take the chair.
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