reign of terror

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any period of brutal suppression thought to resemble the Reign of Terror in France

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After a series of indecisive skirmishes, the two sides formed a joint Committee of Public Safety, and the Menshevik-SR duma bloc and the Soviet's "soft" Bolshevik-Left SR faction shared power throughout November.
The problem is that if you move 100 times in a year, there's no requirement that you register,'' said Schiff, whose measure recently passed through the Assembly Committee of Public Safety.
This drove Maximilian Robespierre and his Committee of Public Safety to take control of the French Revolution and institute the Reign of Terror, in which thousands of ordinary and innocent French peasants literally lost their heads.
In 1794, the Committee of Public Safety, following the principle of Equality, wanted to reduce the height of the towers to that of the surrounding residential buildings.
The idealism of the French Revolution gave way to the bloodletting of the Committee of Public Safety, which in turn brought the crackdown known as Thermidor.
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